Kingswells Community Council Minutes August 2018

Kingswells Community Council

Minutes August 2018

Date: Monday 13th August 2018
Time: 19:00
Venue: Adventure Aberdeen
Chair: Kenneth McAlpine
Participants Ian Cox (Secretary), Alex Carnie, Denise Poole, Dave Simpson, Bert Rendall, Aleen Shinnie, Russell Ritchie, John Farquharson
Apologies: Councillor Steve Delaney, Councillor David Cameron, Councillor John Wheeler
Representatives / Observers Police.

Liane Bruce from Kingswells Care Home

Item Minute Action


Introduction by Chair

Kenneth opened the meeting.


Police Report

Police report was provided by email after the meeting.

A summary of the police report is included below.

Once again there has been an encouragingly low level of crime and anti-social behaviour reported throughout the Kingswells area. Of note is the absence of any reports of Vandalism or Misuse of Drugs, although we have recorded one theft by shoplifting and one minor assault.

In light of the warm weather and the school holidays within the reporting period, I am pleased to note that there was only one instance of anti-social behaviour in the area. This involved a number of youths throwing small items at windows, although no damage was caused. A police unit made search of the area but the youths were not traced.

Again, only one instance of poor driving was reported. A further driver was apprehended by our Roads Policing colleagues and his car was impounded for being uninsured.

I have indicated one instance of Housebreaking with Intent to Steal. At the start of August there was a City wide increase in attempted thefts of motor vehicles, with individuals successfully stealing a car and driving into Kingswells where further attempts were made to enter properties for vehicle keys. Only one property was successfully entered and they were disturbed before anything could be taken.

The enquiry is being led by the CID Pro-Active Unit and they are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry. I can also advise that individuals have been arrested in regard to the incidents although no charges have yet been preferred. Enquiries are continuing with a number of positive lines being followed.

I would take this opportunity to remind residents to ensure that all doors and windows, front and back, are locked at all times even while within the property. Avoid leaving ground floor windows open overnight or leaving car keys where they can be seen near to doors or windows. The thieves are opportunists and look for insecure properties, rarely do they force open locked doors and following basic building security advice can prevent these crimes occurring.

Should any resident have any concerns regarding the security of their property or vehicle they are encouraged to get in touch and an officer will be available to provide advice.

Asian families who work in the Fast Food industry have been targeted. This seems to be similar to recent incidents reported in Cromar Gardens.
March / April report has not been provided as yet.


Members of the public

Kingswells Care Home

Liane Bruce provided an update on work at the care home:

·        Bon Accord Care have been in the home for a year and have been determining the way ahead.

·        ACC will purchase the building

·        Bon Accord Care will provide the service

·        They are working on a new model that is unique to Scotland. The home will become a centre of excellence for Dementia

·        Currently the home has a capacity for 65 residents. This will be reduced to 60 to provide additional storage. Initially the capacity will be capped at 30.

·        Currently the home has 19 residents.

·        The plan is to have 50 long term places and 10 respite places.

·        They will provide more than just a standard service. Staff will include RGNs who will be trained to become nurse practitioners, Pharmacist and Occupational Therapists

·        The building is in need of a complete refurbishment, and that is ongoing. It is hoped to complete the ground floor by mid-November.

·        Staff training is taking place.

·        Open days will be held before the residents return.

·        They are working with the school and the nursery

·        Admission will be open to all, but places will be assigned based on the greatest need.

KCC have been looking for locations to site a defibrillator. Liane confirmed that the care home may be ok, but she needs authorisation from ACC after the ownership of the building is finalised.

The defibrillator will require an electrical supply, and it could be identified as part of the refurbishment.

Kenneth thanked Liane for a very informative update.

A member of the public was concerned with smell from the Derbeth Pond, and wanted to identify who was responsible for maintenance.

Dave advised that SMG was responsible, the pond had been cleaned out after site investigation work had been completed.

There was a discussion on fees paid by resident associations for their maintenance. Concraig area pays £75 / year and one of the Derbeth RAs pay £50 / year.

Dave is to pass on more details to the resident.









Steve provided an update by email. Kenneth is to forward to all members. Kenneth


Approval of minutes

Ian asked for certain changes to the minute to correct errors. This was rejected.

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.

Ian advised that he resigned as Secretary, but will continue as an ordinary member.


Matters Arising from the previous meetings


There was extensive discussion on possible locations for a defibrillator.

The Pharmacy has given permission to install power to an agreed location.

Other possible locations include the community centre, the care home, the Coop, the Old Village Hall, Webster Park centre.

There is a need to switch the defib unit on at least once a month, and to have a dedicated power supply.

Bert confirmed that the Coop would be happy to house a unit. Funding is available via the Coop Community funds. (KCC has used this fund for installing the bench.)

There was a view that more than one unit should be located in the village centre to cater for situations where one unit may fail.

Russell said he had a sponsor and hoped to arrange a transfer of funds to KCC account.

Post meeting note: Funds were transferred from a sponsor who wished to remain anonymous.










Russell has summarised the priorities identified in the questionnaire and has performed an initial assessment of what may be possible. Members should review this and make any comments prior to next meeting.



Large scale map of Kingswells Karen provided map on 2nd July.


Planning and Environment

3 No Fast Food Outlets adjacent to Vet

The application and the first draft response were discussed. Russell advised that he will provide additional input and Ian will incorporate these in the finalised response.


Post meeting note: The finalised response is attached to the minute.



No change.



Elections were discussed, and leaflets were shared out for distribution around the village.

Ian advised that he will get nominations forms.


Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 10th September 2018 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:00