Kingswells Community Council Minutes December 2013

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Date: Monday 9th December, 2013
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Stan McEwan 
Participants Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Alan Stott, Ron Howie, Tom Straiton, Barrie Buchan, Ivan Tonna 
Apologies: Sam Stafrace (Vice Chair), Meg Sands, John Gerrie 
/ Observers:
Councillor Steve Delaney, Councillor David Cameron,Police: Inspector Jackie Craig






Introduction by Chair        Barrie is attending this, her last, meeting as an ordinary member. After some discussion, Stan volunteered to chair this meeting.


Police Report
Police report was received by email, but was not available for the meeting..
Police checked for drivers jumping the traffic lights at the Park & Ride, but did not witness any new incidents.
Police did not witness any speeding incidents that could result in prosecution, but issued warnings to some member of the public..
Police issued warnings to drivers who overtake buses dropping off passengers if they pass through a ‘keep left’ island on the right hand side. Further infringement will result in a prosecution, which will result in 3 penalty points and a fine of £100.
Traffic speed surveys will be carried out in Kingswells to monitor speeds and type of vehicle.
There were incidents of vehicles exiting the Park & Ride from the entry only access off the ‘bypass’ road. The signs within the P&R showing the exit need to be made more permanent.
There was report of fly-posting. Posters have been securely attached to fences, lamp posts and similar locations throughout Kingswells. Removing these will be a major task. KCC enquired about charging the people advertising on these posters, but this is not possible unless someone witnesses the act of posting.


Members of the public




The condition of Broaddykes Drive is now the worst in Kingswells, closely followed by Kingswells Drive and Crescent. The councillors will continue to press for repairs to be carried out, but they cannot influence the priorities for the whole of Aberdeen.

David Steve


The work identified in the tree audit will be carried out in March.



Steve is still awaiting a response re the road markings at the Kingswells roundabout.


Approval of minutesLast month’s minutes were approved.

Ron was not satisfied with the corrections made to the September minute. He thought that the item “There is a possibility that travellers may be able to access the school playing fields” should read “There is a possibility that travellers may be able to access public open space adjacent to the school playground.”


Matters Arising from the previous meeting


Barrie reminded KCC that the following items were still outstanding:

  • There has been planning gain for a new dog bin near the Four mile.
  • The community centre wheelie bin needs to be secured to the wall of the community centre.


The ‘keep clear’ road markings at the bus entry to P&R have still to be reinstated.



Planning & Environmental Issues
KCC met with some Roads Department officials regarding the road network around Kingswells. Some points that were clarified include:

  • Although there is no plan to dual the road by Maidencraig there is provision in the land taken to accommodate a dual carriageway in the future.
  • The roundabout at the A944 / Lang Stracht will be upgraded in the future to include a spur to Countesswells.
  • The Countesswells spur at the Kingswells roundabout will become a dedicated bus-only access. Access to Countesswells from Kingswells will be via the Lang Stracht roundabout.
  • The Westhills roundabout will become a signal-controlled junction. The road from the junction to the Tesco roundabout will be a dual carriageway albeit slightly narrower than the normal 7.3m carriageway.
  • Some tree planting will be possible adjacent to the A944 between the Prime 4 entrance and the Kingswells Roundabout.
  • Additional access roads will be required to the Prime 4 site. This may include an additional exit only access to the A944, and a road onto the bypass road. The access will require traffic lights, a right turn stacking lane and an additional left turn slip road. Rat-running will be discouraged by making the journey within the Prime 4 site too convoluted to be attractive to non-essential users. The road will be a safe distance from the P&R lights, and will have adequate sight lines. This junction will require additional stacking capacity when the Newhills expansion goes ahead.
  • The Kingswells North Junction to the AWPR currently includes access to and from Kingswells from the North. There is provision in the land take to include the Southern slip roads. There is currently no plan to use this provision, but the access road from Newhills to the North Junction will be improved..
  • There is no intention to connect the Newhills expansion area and the Lang Stracht. There will be a link road to the west side of Aberdeen around Provost Rust Drive.
  • ACC and the Newhills expansion area developer are working on suitable access with the A96. ACC is not satisfied with the current proposals.
Main Issues report will be available for consultation starting January 2014.


No change.




There was concern about an inappropriate and inaccurate article in the newsletter. KCC agreed not to respond as this could cause further distress, but Barrie would speak privately to Sue, the editor.



Tom agreed to collate any input to the newsletter from KCC



There was a view that the Kingswells roundabout is now looking bleak. This is complicated by sponsorship. Stan is to speak to the sponsor.



It was agreed that Barrie could continue to work with ACC on improving the village centre.



Lighting at the corners near the shops is poor and can mislead people by making it difficult to differentiate between a ramp and steps. This was considered dangerous. Stan is to contact Cindy.





The Chair’s report was previously received by email, and it was accepted with one amendment. Audited accounts have been approved.


Barrie stood down as Chair. There was some discussion about a replacement, but no volunteers were forthcoming. Stan asked that members consider the position over the holiday period.



The accounts were approved by KCC. Ian is to forward signed copy to ACC



Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 13th January 2014 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:00.