Kingswells Community Council Minutes December 2016

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 12h December 2016




Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells


John Gerrie (Chair)


Trevor Rosbrook, Alex Carnie, Kathy Strachan, Dave Simpson, Ian Cox (Secretary),


Kenneth McAlpine, Tom Straiton

/ Observers

Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney
Police: Inspector Gary Spark
Barry Mitchell a prospective councillor at the next election.
Bert Rendall a prospective community councillor.






Introduction by Chair


Police Report

Police report was provided by Email.

During this reporting period there has been a continued pattern of low numbers of most call types, including public nuisance and motorcycle calls.

Unfortunately, incidents of theft from insecure motor vehicles continue to occur in the Kingswells area, with the latest spate occurring overnight on 30 November 2016 in the Corse Avenue, Cromar Gardens and Migvie Gardens areas. High visibility patrols have targeted the area and hopefully are having a deterrent effect, however it is disappointing that insecure vehicles continue to lure known thieves into the area. These incidents were detected with one individual being reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

The theft of a motor vehicle and motorcycle incident relate to the same matter, whereby a motorbike was taken and driven away and thereafter driven in excess of the speed limit and in a careless manner. Again, one male has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

The public nuisance incident referred to above relates to a young male knocking on doors in the Derberth Grange area on 27 November 2016, purporting to sell items to residents and giving a “sob story” in order to encourage the householder to make a purchase. It is unclear if the reasons for the caller attending at the house are genuine, and there may possibly have been a criminal intention or otherwise. I would like to take this opportunity to remind residents to be wary of such callers, and in particular not to feel pressurised into make purchases from door-step sellers who are with or without valid identification. If in doubt, I would advise to residents to politely decline from making purchases. If suspicions arise, please do not hesitate to contact Police Scotland on 101.

From the local Policing team, we would like to wish the Kingswells Community a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy (and peaceful!) New Year.

Susan Taylor


Inspector Gary Spark has recently been appointed to replace Inspector Chambers, who has now retired.

Gary introduced himself and provided some background information.

The following incidents were reported:

  • A woman was harassed on a footpath near the consumption dyke in the village centre. The police report does not cover incidents of this nature. Gary advised that he would look at the make up of the reports as it is important to make the public aware of this type of incident

  • A youth on a trail bike at the Vet’s car park near Prime Four. The youth returned to Kingswells on the public roads – which is illegal and dangerous.

  • Speeding through the village is a problem again. ACC will be asked to install equipment to measure the speeds and record the main times where a police presence would be most effective.


Members of the public

Bert advised that he was interested in becoming a community councillor. He has had previous experience on community council in another area. He has recently moved to Kingswells and he would like to get involved again.

Bert will observe KCC and will consider his position in the coming months.

Bert outlined some of the issues he had raised with ACC and local councillors.

Barry Mitchell is a perspective replacement for Councillor Len Ironside. He will attend some KCC meetings to make himself aware of local issues. Ian to send Barry minutes.




There was no news on what was happening with the buses in Kingswells. First have not started the formal process of withdrawing the X40 bus service. 10 weeks notice is required.

Councillors advised that there were alternatives available, but they could not be detailed or formalised until First withdraw the service.

Nestrans is funding the upgrade of some of the bus shelters in Kingswells.

The roadworks in Fairley Road are being monitored by ACC and they should be complete by 16th December.

Post meeting note: the roadworks were not completed as indicated. They will be tidied up before the Christmas holiday and will restart in the new year.

There was a report of poor lighting on the paths along the Bucksburn Valley. Steve advised that he would get ACC to assess the lighting.

Post meeting note: ACC reported that the paths were in private ownership and they were not adopted by ACC. Consequently, there was nothing that ACC could do.


Ian discussed the project KCC had been considering to provide additional parking in the village centre and sought advice on the best way to progress with ACC. The councillors advised that there was funding available, and KCC should send details to the roads department.


Alex complained that there was no progress on the cleaning of gullies that were reported about 12 months ago. Steve asked for details of where they were. Alex to provide an update.

There was a view that options should be investigated for ways to improve maintenance in Kingswells.

Post meeting note: Alex and Ian did a survey for presentation to ACC, but after discussion with maintenance supervisor they were advised that the work was already in the system. The work would be completed when it was scheduled into the work required for the Kingswells area. Road gullies were being cleaned on the day of the survey.





Lock block: trials for repairing lock block using similar materials rather than bitumen will be conducted in Kingswells.



Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising the previous meetings

Derbeth Pond: Dave advised that a meeting with SMG and land agent had taken place, and a pond specialist will be consulted to determine the best course of action. Dave now has a new contact at SMG.

Gillahill Path: Dave provided the following report.

My proposals as stated can be done any time really but preferably before growth starts in the Spring. Spraying of the willow herb should ideally be done in May/June when there is good growth. This gives us plenty time to receive the Forestry Commission’s comments.

This report is based on the following relevant criteria:

Removal of all arisings from cutting operations – Due to sheep in lamb being over wintered in adjacent fields it is not possible to use fields for disposal by burning or other means.

Safety issues. Cutting the dead willow herb stems by strimmer results in small pieces of stem flying in all directions and is unsafe both for the operator and for passers bye.

Extent of work: If all whines, broom and willow herb were to be cut and removed the work involved would take a four or five man squad several weeks plus costs of transportation and would prove to be very expensive.

Sample: An area at the observation point near the top end of Kingswood Avenue has been strimmed back. Work remains to be done but this took approximately 5 hours.


It is not feasible to cut and remove all the whines, gorse and willow herb over the width and length of the path. It is proposed that selective removal of these items takes place where their presence impinges on the walking area. All arisings can be carefully left against the north dry stone dyke.

To reduce the future growth of the willow herb we are awaiting a report from the Forestry Commission on a selective weed killer which will deal with the fresh growth of the willow herb but not affect grasses and the like.

Meantime over the winter selective pruning of whines and gorse can be undertaken by those who have access to pruners/loppers and small hand saws.

By adopting the above suggestions we do not fall foul of the H&S policies of ACC.

—- E n d —-

John and Dave to determine work required to provide a bench at the view point.



Kathy to chase ACC re the outstanding issues with dog bins.



Planning & Environmental Issues




No major change to the accounts.





Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 9th January 2017 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:00.