Kingswells Community Council Minutes February 2015

 Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Date: Monday 9th February, 2015
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: John Gerrie
Participants Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary) , Trevor Rosbrook,  Kenneth McAlpine, Stan McEwan
Apologies: Ron Howie, Ivan Tonna, Tom Straiton, Meg Sands
/ Observers:
Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney

Police PC

Item Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair       

Stan was welcomed back after his sabbatical

2 Police Report
There was no police report by email. PC read out report.

There were 2 vandalisms to a home in Kingswells, and 1 public nuisance call.

There was a complaint about the quality of driving by some bus drivers in Kingswells. It was thought that the police could do little without evidence, and it was more appropriate to report the issue to First Bus. Alex
The issue reported about Brimmondhill cycle ramps was being investigated.

David reported that ACC were making repairs as the area poses dangers to members of the public.

3 Members of the public
A member of the public left a message on the website re the lack of gritting on footpaths, and blocked / damaged drainage that remains blocked after tarmac repairs had taken place.

The councillors advised that the gritting issues are wide spread across all areas in Aberdeen. Gritting is performed on a priority basis. Things appear to be worse than last year even though the budget is unchanged.

John will raise the issue with the Community Council Forum. He proposes to write a letter of complaint to the appropriate ACC Director and he will cc the Chief Exec.and our Councillors.

It was noted that Kingswells appears to be worse than some other areas as it has a local climate of its own. The issue is that untreated snow becomes ice that does not clear for weeks after Aberdeen has been clear of snow.

The issues re the drainage is similar to the issues with Lock block currently being pursued by David.









4 Councillors
  There are some issues with a road in the Derbeth area being flooded by land owned by Stewart Milne Group. ACC is to issue a Section 98 notice to ensure flooding issues are dealt with by SMG. ACC
  There was a report of trees being hacked down. ACC is to raise awareness.

Resident’s associations are cutting down trees. KCC is to write an article for the newsletter.



  There have been reports of bad parking in Fairley Road.
5 Approval of minutes

Last month’s minutes were approved.

6 Matters Arising the previous meeting
  Clearing the pond by the Surgery will require more work using excavating machinery. Ongoing

Post Meeting Note: SMG claim the land is owned by ACC.

  KCC is still awaiting a response from SMG with a list of maintenance issues that they will address. Alex and Stan will attend a meeting later in the month. Alex


  ACC is currently trying to setup a maintenance agreement with shopkeepers in the original part of the shopping centre. – ongoing
  The maintenance issues with lock-block. David will raise the issues with Hugh Murdough. The issues are citywide and suitable solution must be found. David
  A footpath is required from the P& R lights to the new hotel. The land is owned by ACC, but Drum Group has agreed to contribute to the costs. David will continue to chase. David
  The road surface in Fairley Road has now been passed as a suitable temporary road surface.
  Malcolm Allan: No progress was made. Work continues.
7 Planning & Environmental Issues
Bus Route Via Park & Ride

Ian was advised by planning officer that the recommendation will be for approval.

Ian is to meet with Dandara to see if they can incorporate a ‘Welcome To Kingswells’ sign in the Fairley Road development and to discuss other comments made in the recent application. Ian
8 Accounts
No change. Plan AGM for April or May. Ian
  Ian is to arrange a meeting with Graeme Bone of Drum. Ian
  Dog fouling is an issue again.
10 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 9th March 2015 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:00.