Kingswells Community Council Minutes February 2016

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 8th February 2016


8 pm


Kingswells Community Centre


John Gerrie (Chair)


Alex Carnie, Tom Straiton, Kenneth McAlpine, David Simpson, Ian Cox (Secretary),Trevor Rosbrook (Minute Secretary)


Stan MacEwan, Kathy Strachan

/ Observers

Police: No representatives

Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney Mark MacDonald MSP




Nomination of Officials

The adoption of the Constitution was held over to allow members to consider any modifications. This needs to be completed and signed off within the next 2 months.



Introduction by Chair


Police Report

The police report was sent by email and an extract is included.

Reports of drinking and possible drug use in cark park in Corse Wynd, This was raised again, although the police have visited the area but found no activity.

Since the last reported period, reported crime and quality of life issues have remained very low.

The 2 theft calls and 1 vandalism call are linked and occurred overnight on 25/01/16 within the Concraig Park and Broaddykes Avenue areas. Enquiry is on-going in relation to these incidents, which again involved entry being gained to 2 properties through insecure doors.

There was also a theft of a high spec bicycle reported to have occurred within the Prime Four business park, from a secure external bike storage facility. Again, enquiry ongoing.

The public nuisance calls are varied and un-linked, relating to the following:

Noisy party at Huxterstone Court

Youth annoyance following 18th birthday party on Old Skene RoadSuspicion of youths smoking cannabis on Corse Wynd.

Mobile patrols targeting road traffic offences have continued in the area throughout the reporting period


Police to monitor

A question was asked why a reported incidence of Aggressive behaviour and injury to a dog was not included in the figures presented. No report received.


Members of the public



It was suggested that a map be prepared showing where all bulbs have been planted, this to be undertaken in the spring when the bulbs are in flower.

David and Steve met with 1st Bus to discuss the issues with the current service, quality of buses, routing via hospital, journey times and timetable. A survey is to be held by, 1st Bus, in January to gather public opinion. Meeting scheduled

The appointed dyker has been requested by the ACC to draw up a plan for the repairs to the consumption dyke, and submit to Historic Scotland. It was requested that the Roughs Cairn also be included in the works.



Use of bit mac to repair lock block is still an issue. Mike Cheyne will attend March meeting to discuss new trials for alternative method of repair. Ian to contact Mike.


Work on modifications to the P&R to facilitate the new X17 bus service has to be complete by the end of March 2016.

KCC have given their approval of the revised scheme which utilised raised kerbs between some parking bays to deter inappropriate use of the area by caravan owners.

An update from ACC is as follows:

A topographical survey has been done and this is now allowing the detailed design of the proposed layout to progress. There are a number of issues which need to be considered to allow the construction of the new access arrangements, including how the existing lighting / CCTV columns and the underground drainage/ducts/utilities will be affected.

No progress was available for the meeting, to be followed up


ACC were under the impression that the gullies in the village centre had been cleaned, but the off road gullies have been omitted. ACC can contact Alex for further information.

Similarly the gullies under Kingswells Drive have not been cleaned out. This is causing water to back up. There are similar problems in the Derbeth area.

Some footpaths are becoming narrower due to surrounding vegetation encroaching onto the paths. A survey of the paths and gullies mention above to be untaken

The blocked gullies at the bottom of Fairley Road, this to be followed up with the developer/ACC




Stan, Alec Trevor


Fairley Road Field, is there any progress to form a committee to look after the amenity area. There are a number of people in the village interested in joining the committee.


Prime 4 Traffic Lights. The new traffic lights have been in place for some months, however they have not been commissioned and cones are still in place. The original plan was 26 weeks for the work and this is now well beyond the due date for completion

School Environmental pond to be maintained by ACC

Proposal to change out bust shelters, this to be looked into


Mixed recycling binms to be introduced in 2017


Approval of minutes


Matters Arising the previous meeting

McAlpines contractor to start work on 5th January 2016 with installation of benches at 5 locations. No update was available



The CCTV record is now kept for 30days and a new disc system and cameras are to be installed by ACC when they install additional cameras

Malcolm Allan ground maintenance was delayed last month, but is planned to start 15th January 2016.


Kingswells Avenue/Kingswood Drive the plans have been passed for the extension of the yellow lines by 5m at most and they would await KCC feedback before taking action.

Discussion took place and the conclusion was that extending the yellow lines would make little difference as people often park on the existing yellow lines. The view is obscured by parked cars along the whole length of the road. In view of the parking issues we have, KCC, prefer to do nothing regarding additional yellow lines, but will investigate getting the parking wardens out to check illegal parking.

A vote was taken and 6 members were against taking further action, 1 member wanted to extend the yellow lines.

Further discussion took place regarding the position of the planter, opposite the chemist. Dave reported that he had looked at several different positions for the planter and they all affected the the line of sight at some point. It was decided that there was little point in moving the planter.

KCC are not aware of any accidents at the junction in the last 20 years. There was a view that the junction was safe if road users took care when using the junction

The condition of the trees in Kingswood was raised following the recent storm when a significant section of a beech tree was torn off. This is an issue of safety as many people use this area to walk in. There is a history of disease in the trees as far back as 1983.

A letter to be drafted and sent to ACC to raise concern as to the management of the risk and maintenance being applied.

The matter has been taken up with John Nicholson it was decided that no further action was required by the KCC




Planning & Environmental Issues

Tom reported an issue with brown water polluting the pond by the Doctors’ Surgery, and onwards to the Bucks Burn. It is thought that the source of the pollution is the AWPR. Tom is to contact the AWPR team to try to resolve.


Planning Application has been lodged for more soil dumping at Kinghorn Farm. SEPA to be requested to investigate and report.

Report to be reviewed and commented on

John G/Ian

Planning application has been put through for the development of the field this is for fund generation at this stage. This is before the “Friends of Fairley” committee has been formed. There is a meeting planned for 18/2/16.

Response to planning application to be made

ACC has requested a Parks Designer to prepare a plan for the development



Planning application for a new communications mast on the Prime 4 site has been received and responses sent


No planning application can be found for a radio mast located behind the 5 mile garage



To be prepared



Prime Four Trust

There is a fund of £5000 per year set aside for a major project to benefit the village. This was discussed and the following ideas were suggested:-

  1. Another community building

  2. Upgrade of the pond behind the chemist shop

Kathy reported that the practice of using bins for general waste and dog waste was not working out too well. There are locations where the mixed waste bin is overflowing and the nearby dog bin is empty. There are also issues with smell from the mixed waste bin in certain areas where people congregate.

Kathy is to identify bins that are not suitable for mixed waste with a view to getting stickers removed from these bins

There is a need to raise the profile of KCC in the village.

It was suggested that each KCC member prepare a short profile to be inserted on the KCC website. This has now been completed


Following incidents of aggressive cyclists’ using footpaths, a map showing which paths are designated cycle ways was requested. This has now been received. The only paths were cycling is permitted in the path along the field from Derbeth to Kingswells Ave and path in front of the school through to Kingswood Ave.


Drain under Kingswood Drive for the Bucks burn to be cleaned by ACC

It was decided to investigate the possible purchase and installation of some Christmas lights. This was tried previously and dropped because of cost.


Litter from the Prime 4 site is trapped in the trees on the East side oif the C89. E mail to be sent to Prime 4 asking them to tidy this up.


Speed humps, this is an issue with damage to cars (springs/suspension), some cars have been damaged more than once. There is no history of accidents on these roads, the legality of placing the humps and costs of removal to be investigated

John G

A discussion was undertaken on the benefits of a Man Shed in Kingswells. The Man Shed was started as a project in Australia where it was recognised that the health of retired men was improved by them using the facilities as a social venue.

There is a Man Shed in Westhill and it is recommended that members should consider a visit to see how it operates.


AWPR. The new cutting behind Fairley Farm is 20-30m deep and due to it’s orientation will most likely be susceptible to Mist and Fog as well as snow and ice build up/forming. This has been raised with the AWPR, however no plans are in place for warning signs etc. Reported that there are no plans to install any warning signs.

Tom visited the AWPR open day and raised the question re the contamination of the burns by silt as KCC had received a response. Feed back was promised

John G/Stan


A letter drafted by Ken to support the nomination of the McAlpine Project Manager for an Industry award was discussed. The content to be re-drafted



Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 15Th March 2016 in the coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre.

 Meeting closed at 22:00