Kingswells Community Council Minutes January 2012

 Kingswells Community Council Minutes

Date: Monday 9th January, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Ron Howie, Colleen Manson (Vice Chair), Tom Straiton, Stan McEwan, John Gerrie, Sam Stafrace
Apologies: Meg Sands, Councillor Wendy Stuart
/ Observers:
Lord Provost Peter Stephen
Steve Delaney candidate as future councillor
Representatives from Bucksburn Academy
Police PC Rhona Fairclough
Item Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair
2 Police Report
Police report was sent by email.
Crime statistics for Kingswells remain low.
The police are preparing a bid to allow Traffic division to do speed and vehicle checks around the Kingswells area. KCC to be advised of the status of the bid. Police
3 Approval of the minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
4 Points from Member of the Public
The representatives of Bucksburn Academy advised KCC of the work they were involved in. Full details can be found on the school website point include:

  • A project to assist with the installation of footpaths at castles
  • Community days to clean up woodland
  • · The John Muir Award allows the whole community to work together. This is a fun way for people for all ages to resolve environmental issues and to raise awareness of nature.
  • · Event to explore woods, to find footprints and to identify the animals that created them. The event had displays and was a good way for older youths to teach younger members of the community.
  • · Links with Italy.
  • · Preparing a bid to be part of an international community of likeminded people who exchange ideas, hold conferences, etc.

KCC advised that they needed help with environmental issues around Kingswells and they would welcome input from young people.

Resident had no issues to raise, but wanted to observe.
5 Attendees and ApologiesAs Above
6 Matters Arising (not covered below)
  Alex is still trying to get a sand box relocated. He will contact Stan and Wendy. Alex Stan Wendy
  Stan continues to encourage shop keepers and the Community Centre to put something in place to allow easy maintenance of the village centre. Uptake is variable. Main task is to encourage the majority stakeholder to participate. Stan
7 Councillors
Peter introduced Steve Delaney who intended to stand as a councillor for the Kingswells / Sheddocksley / Summerhill ward. Steve has worked with KCC in the past in his capacity as chair of Sheddocksley Community Council on several planning issues where our communities had common views. Steve has worked hard for his community and would now like to serve as a ward councillor. To this end, he wanted to bring himself up to date with Kingswells issues.
The bollards at the Fairley Road junction leading to the Kingswells to Newhills road are continually knocked over. KCC have suggested that the bollards are not required now that the speed bumps restrict the speed of vehicles negotiating this junction. Peter to suggest to ACC that the bollard are not replaced. The issues are similar to the Kingswells Avenue / Crescent junction where bollard was removed. Peter
KCC questioned why the West 1 signs on the Kingswells / Newhills road were still in place. The signs were erected without planning permission, and were deemed to be a risk to drivers by ACC Roads department in November. Ian is to send Peter details and he should request a response before the next KCC meeting. IanPeter
8 Planning
Tom provided a summary of the Reporter’s findings for the Local Area Development plan. Full details can be found on ACC website.
9 Treasurer’s Report
  There was no expenditure during the past month.
The Christmas tree lights may need to be replaced due to damage sustained during recent storms. The lights have been repaired, but KCC should plan for replacement. KCC
The website has been updated to one with a simple navigation system and should be easier to maintain. Thanks to Ian.
Parking layout at the Coop now allows parking at the top of the stair. This makes access difficult. Barrie is to write to request this space is hatched to prohibit parking – this was the layout prior to the new markings. Barrie
11 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on 13th February 2012 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 21:58.



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  1. No, unfortunately KCC can’t grant or deny planning permission.

    Fairly sure the local residents that look at these signs every day would also not grant permission.

    It is ACC Planning officers and Councillors who are responsible for this.

  2. This developer definatly seems to have too much say & control in this villages destiny. Only last year it was their fault that the village looked rather shabby!!!
    Not being responsible for maintaining their “green spaces”

  3. The signs were originally too close to the road and the Road Department at ACC deemed them to be dangerous in November last year. Hence the question – why does it take so long to remove a ‘danger’.

    These signs have no planning permission – they still don’t even though they have been up since before the first planning application was submitted in June last year.

    You may remember at one time the developer had a sign on every second or third lamp post through Kingswells. This together with all the other signs is overkill.

    The original signs around the entrance to the site were in line with what this developer usually uses to advertise their sites – and KCC did not object to these. The two signs that still have no planning permission are too large, they are not required as the site is clearly visible behind the signs – they are over kill.

    It was not the intention of KCC to upset the developer, but when they don’t adhere to planning rules, erect dangerous sign, or signs that are clearly not required and dominate the area what are we supposed to do? Sit by and do nothing?

    There is a view that the developer is trying to upset the community.

  4. “KCC questioned why the West 1 signs on the Kingswells / Newhills road were still in place”
    What is the big problem with these signs ?
    Is this a poor attempt to p**s off the developer?

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