Kingswells Community Council Minutes January 2015

 Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Date: Monday 12th January, 2015
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Ivan Tonna
Participants Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Tom Straiton, Trevor Rosbrook, John Gerrie, Ron Howie, Meg Sands


Apologies: Kenneth McAlpine


/ Observers:
Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney

2 Members of the public, Police Sgt Susan Taylor

Item Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair       
2 Police Report
There was no police report by email. Police Sgt Susan Taylor presented the Police Report. Ian is to chase police report.

There were 3 vandalisms and 2 break ins.

There was a theft of keys from a house giving access to a car in the driveway. Police are to write an article for the Newsletter.





There was a report of high revving cars in the P&R carpark. The cars were high powered and were doing hand break turn manoeuvres.

There was also a report of late night drinking in the P&R resulting in a litter problem.

There is an issue with cars over taking school buses at islands. The buses are taking a while to pick up passengers and resulting in frustrated drivers over taking on the wrong side of the island. Unfortunately, ACC have a policy to locate islands at bus stops.
The Police were advised of an issue with mountain bikes at Brimmond Hill. See Section 3 below.
3 Members of the public
A member of the public was concerned by some damage done to the hillside at Brimmond Hill when substantial mountain bike ramps were created. They contacted KCC and they were invited to discuss the issue with the councillors at the next KCC meeting. The resident had various photographs of the damage and these were passed to the police and the councillors.

The police have limited powers unless the landowner makes a formal complaint. They will contact the driver of the car photographed.

David and Steve will follow up the vandalism complaint, and will determine if ACC are the landowners.

Post meeting Note: ACC were identified as the landowner, and a formal complaint has been submitted to the police.










4 Councillors
  Steve advised that the temporary road surface in Fairley Road  by Dandara has been found to be below ACC’s standards. Dandara were asked to attend to the problem. ACC will undertake the work and will back charge Dandara if there is no progress. Dandara


5 Approval of minutes

There was some confusion over the reference to Switchback in the minutes. Ian will amend. With this change last month’s minutes were approved.

6 Matters Arising the previous meeting
  Maintenance of an area on Kingswells Crescent, between bus stops, is not being maintained. David will check if this area is adopted. This work continues. David
  Clearing the pond by the Surgery will require more work using excavating machinery. The pond is owned by Stewart Milne Group (SMG). No progress was made during the previous month. ACC / SMG
  KCC is still awaiting a response from SMG with a list of maintenance issues that they will address. Alex will attend a meeting at the end of January. Alex
  ACC is currently trying to setup a maintenance agreement with shopkeepers in the original part of the shopping centre.
  There has been no action on the maintenance issues with lock-block. This has been discussed over the last few months. David will escalate to the Chief executive. David
  There was a report that bus shelters on the bus route on Kingswood Drive were being cut / removed. David confirmed that the shelters were repaired / replaced. David
  A footpath is required from the P& R lights to the new hotel. The land is owned by ACC, but Drum Group has agreed to contribute to the costs. David will continue to chase. David
  Work on the Fairley Road field continues. Steve will determine ACC’s views on the ponding reported last month. Steve
  Malcolm Allan: No progress was made over the holiday period.
7 Planning & Environmental Issues

John and Ian will attend an additional meeting on the proposed road network.

Planning application deadline is 4th February.

Bus Route Via Park & Ride

There was some discussion on the pros and cons of the proposed use of the P&R carpark as an access by the X17 bus to Westhill.

It was generally agreed that the new route would be a benefit to Kingswells, but some members questioned the need for the bus to use the P&R as there appeared to be little benefit over using the main road except at peak times.

Post Meeting Note: Ian clarified the situation with Steve. It was difficult to get Stagecoach to agree to come into Kingswells, and the new route would minimise travel time at peak times. Without this saving Stagecoach would not agree to the new service.

8 Accounts
There was £50 spent on honorarium gift tokens for the Christmas tree squad. John has submitted mileage expenses for KCC members to attend Community Council Forum meetings. These have not been processed yet.
  There is a road sign missing on Kingswood Drive. Alex is to report to ACC. Alex
  There was an issue with gritting roads and pavements. Priority is given to the main Cat 1 routes.
  Ian explained that an application was made to the Prime 4 Trust fund by a group who did not have a constitution and asked if there would be any objection for that group to apply via KCC. There would be no liability placed on KCC.

There were no objections.

10 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 9th February 2015 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:00.