Kingswells Community Council Minutes July 13


Date                            Monday 8th July 2013

Time                           8.00pm

Venue                         Kingswells Community Centre

Chair                          Barrie Buchan (Chair)


Participants                Alex Carnie, Alan Stott, John Gerrie, Ron Howie, Ivan Tonna,

Tom Straiton


Apologies                    Meg Sands, Stan McEwan, Sam Stafrace (Vice Chair),

Ian Cox (Secretary), Councillor David Cameron


Representatives         Councillor Steve Delaney

/Observers                  Police: Inspector Jackie Craig





Introduction by chair


Police Report

Report was distributed by email.

No antisocial behaviour was reported

The police were notified of break-ins and thefts from the portacabins at the Prime Four building site. The stolen items were mainly tools.

Police have spoken to the boy and his mum with respect to a snowballing incident

An abandoned car at the Park and Ride has been removed

KCC reported unacceptable littering from the workers at Park and Ride at the top car park. There was also littering and threatening behaviour noted at Webster Park.


KCC also reported possible metal theft at Brimmond Park and Elrick, where a large quantity of stripped cables could be seen. The police are to investigate.



Members of the Public

An e-mail from a resident regarding community facilities was discussed

An e-mail regarding earthworks at Prime Four was discussed.

There is a large quantity of soil in the field very close to the consumption dyke and there is concern that this could damage the dyke. Councillor Delaney to be informed after a survey from KCC members.

KCC awaits response as to whether landscaping can occur so close to the dyke.





There have been major problems with traffic signals at the Prime Four roadworks. Signs saying to “Merge now” are left even after the cones have been removed and the lane re-opened.

Works are being carried out during evenings and weekends to reduce impact on traffic during the week. This has prevented problems for people travelling to work during working days, but unfortunately it has also meant that the works are taking longer than predicted. Other reasons that have been suggested by the developers for the delay on the roadworks include unexpected ground conditions and Japanese knotweed.

KCC members brought to the attention of Councillor Delaney the double yellow lines on Kingswood drive next to the pharmacy. Councillor Delaney informed the council that these are not legal and should be removed by the contractor.

KCC commented on old notices still hanging from lampposts. These should be removed by the department who put them on in the first place.



Approval of minutes

No minutes were available for approval. Minutes from the meeting in June will be distributed and approved in August.


Minutes arising from the previous meeting

KCC was informed that the money from the Developer Contribution has been approved for use in Kingswells. There were 4 suggestions for use of the planning gain money. Two were in support of using it for the village hall. One suggestion was for more dog bins whilst another one was for more community activities. The money will be used for renovation of the village hall.


Meg has contacted Stuart Milne regarding Japanese knotweed.


There was an update on the Traveller Stakeholder Group. There were three sites identified for possible use by travellers. These are:

  1. Springhill Road
  2. Scotstown
  3. Heathryburn School area

KCC does not think that any of these areas is suitable for use by travellers because of one or more of the following reasons: too small an area, protected area, close to a school.


There has been no recent development regarding the Prime Four Community Trust because the person in charge of this has been off.


Traffic and Transport

KCC has recently learnt that as of the 15th of September the Number 11 bus route will no longer be running except in the evenings and Sundays. The number 40 bus route will go round Kingswells and then return to the Park and Ride before heading to the city centre. The frequency for the number 40 bus will increase to every 15 minutes during peak times and then revert to every 30 minutes. (Post meeting update – 20 minutes off peak.)

KCC would like to show its disapproval at this change in the bus service for the following reasons:

  1. People from Fairley Road will have no services at all.
  2. Albyn School will be cut off
  3. Hazlehead pupils will not be able to do afterschool activities since there will be only one bus in the morning and one after school.
  4. There will be more buses on the narrow part of the Lang Stracht.
  5. The number 40 service will start from the P&R, go round Kingswells, then back to the P&R before heading to the city centre, making the service inefficient.

KCC would like to urge the residents of Kingswells to show their disapproval to such changes. There will be a meeting at Fourmile House on Monday 15 July between 5.00 and 8.00pm.

KCC will contact First Aberdeen to provide them with posters that can be distributed by its members to publicise the above meeting.




Planning and Environmental Issues

Plans for West Huxterstone are on the ACC website.

There are townhouses being proposed which is not in keeping with the style of the other residential areas in Kingswells

The number of houses is approaching 150, which is around 20% more than originally planned.

KCC to query the use of part of the Lang Stracht bus lane by residents of West Huxterstone.

There should be a phased development in this area so as to allow school capacity to adjust to the increased demand. No plans for such have been seen as yet.

There is too little space (14-35m) between the houses and the Denburn. KCC to reply to the planning application.



KCC article for KCN

The article regarding Save the Red Squirrel Campaign has been passed on to the editor of KCN for inclusion in the next issue. It will also be included in the KCC website.



A Kingswells resident has fallen down the steps opposite the Co-Op from the car park onto the road, breaking a leg. This was witnessed by at least two people. KCC is of the opinion that these steps are dangerous and should be cordoned off before someone else has an accident. Barrie to contact shop landlords.


KCC members have noted works being carried out in the school playground. There is a new football pitch being built. In order to do this, heavy vehicles have been going through a biodiverse area with damage to the flora living there. Although KCC has no objection to such a development for the use by school children, it is disappointed that there has been no consultation with them before these works began so as to find ways to try and minimise damage to the surrounding environment.



Date of next meeting

Next meeting will be the AGM and will be held on Monday 12 August 2013 in the Coffee Shop of Kingswells Community Centre

Meeting closed at 22.05.