Kingswells Community Council Minutes June 2015

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 15th June 2015


8 pm


Kingswells Community Centre


Stan McEwan


Alex Carnie, John Gerrie, Trevor Rosbrook, David Simpson, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kenneth McAlpine, Ron Howie, Tom Straiton


Meg Sands, Ivan Tonnar

/ Observers

Police Inspector David Chambers

Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney

Evening Express





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

The police report was sent by email.

Area Sergeant’s Observations

The drugs incidents relate to persons believed to be in possession of controlled substances within their motor vehicles. Enquiries were carried out resulting in a report being submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

The fire call incident relates to SF&R attending reports of a tree on fire; however the cause was unable to be determined.

There have been two reports of vehicles being stolen within the area. The first one relates to an insecure vehicle being stolen from outside the owner’s address and the second one relates to a vehicle being stolen after keys were taken from within an insecure property. Enquiries by a dedicated Unit are currently ongoing. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that local residents should be extra vigilant to ensure that their property is secure both inside and outside their property.

The theft from a motor vehicle relates to items being taken from an insecure vehicle parked outside the owner’s address.

It is concerning that there have been three incidents of this type over a short period of time and as a result increased patrols are being carried out in the area during the evening and overnight.

Mobile patrols have continued in the Kingswells area throughout the reporting period. Checks are continuing to be carried out in relation to speeding motorists by the local Policing Teams, which have resulted in further motorists being stopped and given advice and one warning being issued for speeding related offences. These checks will continue.

David Chambers introduced himself and described how the police systems produce the stats for the police reports. David extended an invitation to members to visit Bucksburn if they wanted more information.

The figures for Kingswells compared well in comparison with those for Bucksburn and Dyce. The figures did not account for the size of the communities.

The car crime was committed by local males aged 16 – 21 years.

Anti-social incidents included the drugs and fire incidents.

There was a comment about how few youth incidents there were in Kingswells. This was attributed to good parenting and school education.

There was a report of cars exiting the Park & Ride at the ‘no exit’ entrance on the ‘bypass’ road.

There was also a report of suspicious cars visiting the P&R late at night.

Police were asked to make periodic checks.


There was a report of parking issues at Cromar Gardens at school times.

ACC are investigating the possibility of making a school drop off point at the dis-used bus stop close to Cromar Gardens. It was hoped that this would ease the current parking issues in that area.


Members of the public




There was a report from dog walkers that two bins are too small and additional bins are required.

There is a move to use all bins for general and dog waste. This will provide additional capacity.

There was concern that there may be issues if bins are not emptied in hot weather. There was also concern that some bins may not be suitable for multi-use e.g. where they are located near seating, or where people congregate near the shops.

The issue of resurfacing Fairely Road was raised, and there was a request that the extent of the speed bumps be reviewed. The views of the public indicated that the traffic calming should only employ raised road surfaces at junctions.

The progress of this work was unknown, and it should be checked with Tommy Hart and Doug Ritchie at ACC to determine if this can be incorporated in the plans.

To allow KCC to respond to the recent Traffic Order on the A944 Steve was asked to explain the reasons for reduction in speed limit on the A944.

Steve advised that the main reason was the new housing being proposed. The report refers to avoiding driver confusion.

After the councillors left the meeting KCC discussed the matter. A vote was taken on whether KCC should respond to the reduction in speed on the A944. 2 members voted for 40 mph limit and 6 voted for the reinstatement of the 50 mph limit. There was 1 abstention. Ian is to prepare a submission.



Approval of minutes

Last month’s minutes were approved.


Matters Arising the previous meeting

David is to call Tommy Hart re the foot path required from the P&R lights to Prime Four. There was a view that this work should be completed before the winter and whilst the 30 mph restriction is in place.


Fairley Road field: the ‘spring’ has now been plumbed into the existing drainage system. Landscaping and re-seeding will be completed when the conditions dry out.

There was concern that Kingswells Community did not have anything in writing to back up claims that the community would have access to the field in perpetuity after planned renovations by Adventure Aberdeen were implemented. The minutes of a recent ACC meeting will provide the required backup. These will be available August / September 2015



Councillors, ACC Officers and some KCC members will meet to discuss the options available to mitigate the possible use of the P&R by Gypsy / Travellers after the introduction of the access to the P&R to facilitate the X17 Westhill bus service.




Malcolm Alan tidy-up has been delayed by other work.


Planning & Environmental Issues

Tom advised that he did not get much feedback from KCC on the incorporation of Phase V of the Prime Four development in the Local Development Plan. Tom has submitted an objection to ACC on behalf of KCC.



£105 for train fares to Edinburgh. Ian to provide breakdown.




Tom to ask Claire to join KCC



Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 13th July 2015 in the coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:30.