Kingswells Community Council Minutes March 2015

 Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Date: Monday 9th March, 2015
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: John Gerrie
Participants Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Trevor Rosbrook, Ivan Tonna, Tom Straiton, Kenneth McAlpine
Apologies: Ron Howie, Stan McEwan, Meg Sands,
/ Observers:
Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney2 Police PCs, 2 Residents


Item Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair       
2 Police Report
The police report was sent by email.
The police will be targeting speeding.It was noted that the speed limit on the A944 had recently been reduced to 40mph. The police were asked if there was any leniency given when changes have been introduced. The police advised that this was not normal.

Steve advised that the cuts in speed might be extended to other areas as the Maidencraig Development proceeds.

It was noted that KCC had not been advised of the consultation. Post meeting note: KCC checked with ACC to get copies of the emails regarding the consultation. Apparently, KCC were not advised of the consultation because their email address had been mistyped.

There have been no arrests re the damage to Brimmondhill reported last month.
3 Members of the public
Dave Simpson described some issues he had with Stewart Milne Group re maintenance. He is currently dealing with these matters and does not need assistance.Alex advised that he and Stan were also in discussion with SMG re maintenance of public spaces. A factor has been employed to cover Scotland. Final arrangements should be in place by the 3rd week of March, and KCC will be invited to further meeting when work has taken place.

Bill and Dave were interested in joining KCC and wanted to observe before making a commitment.

4 Councillors
  The Dandara Development in Fairley Road has created a major problem with workers parking and other issues with HGVs. There is also out of hours working and noisy work being carried out on Sundays. This is against the planning agreements put in place. A resident is working to assist ACC Planning Control.Tom advised that he had some environmental concerns, but he wanted to do some further checks prior to making these formal. Tom will raise any concerns with Planning Department.  




  When cutting grass in the Broaddykes area ACC damaged an area maintained by a Residents’ Association. The issue has now been addressed.
  The issues with lock block and collapsing drains will be investigated by ACC. Stan is to assist in the identification of the worst areas. StanACC
  The blocked gullies at the village centre have been authorised for cleaning. Alex is to monitor, AlexACC
5 Approval of minutesLast month’s minutes were approved.
6 Matters Arising the previous meeting
  Clearing the pond by the Surgery will require more work using excavating machinery. Ongoing ACC / SMG
  ACC is currently trying to setup a maintenance agreement with shopkeepers in the original part of the shopping centre. – ongoing
  A footpath is required from the P& R lights to the new hotel. The land is owned by ACC, but Drum Group has agreed to contribute to the costs. David will check progress with this. There may be a need for a legal agreement. David
  Malcolm Allan: Trevor is setting up a meeting to discuss work required.The lane from opposite the Doctors’ Surgery to Cromar Gardens is dangerous with branches growing into the path.
7 Planning & Environmental Issues
Bus Route Via Park & RideThe work should be complete by August
8 Accounts
No change. Need to replace the noticeboards, and set money aside for benches for walks around Kingswells 


  Tom is to write an article in the newsletter re the issue of unauthorised removal / damage of trees.
  Dave Simpson was willing to be considered as a member of the community council. A vote was taken and it was unanimously agreed that Dave would be co-opted onto the community council.Bill requested more time to consider his position.
10 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 6th April 2015 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:00.