Kingswells Community Council Minutes May 2016

Kingswells Community Council
Minutes of Meeting


Monday 9th May 2016


8 pm


Kingswells Community Centre


John Gerrie,


Alex Carnie, David Simpson,, Ian Cox (Secretary), Kenneth McAlpine, Kathy Strachan,Tom Straiton,Stan McEwan


/ Observers

Councillor Steve Delaney,Councillor David Cameron,

Police Sgt Susan Taylor .





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

Police report was provided by Email and was presented.

Area Inspector’s Observations

Once again it is pleasing to report that Quality of Life related incidents that can impact negatively upon local communities remain very low for the Kingswells area during this particular reporting period.

As illustrated there do not appear to have been any ‘reported’ incidents of antisocial behaviour. It is acknowledged that this does not necessarily indicate that there hasn’t been any such incident however, they may not have been officially reported.

Officers from your Local Policing Team will continue to carry out mobile and foot patrols in those locations where you have previously reported that youths congregate and cause unnecessary annoyance to local residents.

As shown there was one fire related incident reported which related to a grass fire at the rear of Concraig Gardens on Friday 6 May and was believed to have been deliberately started. We have previously experienced similar type incidents in this general area.

As a result of this incident this area will also be patrolled with the intention of deterring future incidents of this type and also establish if this is an area that may now be visited by local youths.

I’m also pleased to report that Priority Crimes have also decreased noticeable with only two reported incidents.

The first one relates to a male being found on Lang Stracht in possession of a personal amount of controlled substances on Friday 8 April.

The other incident involved the theft of property from within an insecure motor vehicle in the Huxterstone Drive area between Wednesday 27 and Friday 29 April.

Whilst the Kingswells area has previously been subject to overnight crime where the offenders have been looking to enter insecure properties in order to steal keys for motor vehicles, during this particular reporting period this type of crime has been occurring in the neighbouring communities of Bucksburn, Dyce as well as other areas across Aberdeen.

Overnight patrols will continue on a daily basis in your area to ensure every opportunity is taken to detect offenders and also prevent those involved in this form of criminality moving into the area.


There was an observation that fire raising occurs every year at about this time. Youngsters below teenage years were observed in the area at the time of the incident but could not be identified. The police advised that they would approach the primary school with a view to provide additional education to the dangers involved in this activity. Younger children could easily be trapped in such a fire. Deer would also be in danger.


There was a report that kids were playing on the top of Roughs Cairn and may be putting themselves in danger. Police will add this area to their patrol.


An area near Kingswells Crescent was identified as a drinking den. The area is away from housing. The main issue is with under aged drinking and the bottles left lying around. Police will add this area to their patrol.



Members of the public




Works vehicles parked on Fairley Road are causing problems. There are plans for yellow lines in the area which may assist.


The roads in the Clova area are in a poor condition and repairs are planned in 2017. Temporary patching is inappropriate for this area. It is recommended that members of the public continue to report their concerns in an attempt to bring forward the plans for repair.


The road surface on Lang Stracht is in a poor condition. There are plans for additional roadworks in this area to provide services for local developments. There will not be repairs to this road until the services have been installed.

A broken drain cover has still to be repaired. Steve to action.



KCC were not happy with the response from Planning Department re the land grab and asked David to raise the matter with the Estates Department.


Steve confirmed that ACC will perform maintenance in the Broad Dykes area.

Post Meeting Note: Letters have gone out to a number of homes advising them that ACC will resume maintenance of the public open space.


Road Closures for the Countesswells Development were discussed. They include extensive road closures throughout 2016. The councillors were not aware of these closures. KCC asked councillors to raise this with council as a matter of urgency and emphasised that the preferred solution would be for services to be laid along the proposed new access rather than the existing road. This would ensure that disruption would be limited to tie-in work rather than the wholesale chaos planned by SMG and ACC roads department.

KCC should write to Mike Cheyne at ACC to support the councillors.




Security of the P&R against illegal encampment by travellers continues to be compromised by Works in the upper car park.

The security of the lower car park will be increased with the addition of barriers. Delivery of the barriers is imminent and installation will be part of the Works in the upper car park.


Councillors were asked if they knew what was happening in the fields adjacent to the A944. They did not.

Post Meeting Note: the bole holes were to establish the suitability of the land for the development of a football stadium for Aberdeen Football Club


Fast broadband is now available for Exchange Only lines in Kingswells.


Path between the school and the Nursery and onwards to the shops was identified in a recent survey to require some maintenance. The path is on the main routes to school and is muddy and is subject to ponding during wet weather. Steve will take this forward with ACC


Recent repairs to a gully in Concraig area left the grating proud of the road surface. The re-work on this is still outstanding.


Co-mingling of recycled waste has been delayed until Q1 of 2017



Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising the previous meeting

There was some discussion on issues on the list of Matters Arising – including: Path widening, Litter on Cults Road, Gullies, Lock Block repairs, Developer contributions towards Fairley Road Field drainage. – nothing to report.


Four of the five benches are now complete and it is hoped the last bench will be complete soon.

The need for screening at one of the benches that was discussed last month has been reviewed by two members and was considered unnecessary. Kenneth to revert to KCC if this becomes an issue.



Planning & Environmental Issues




No change to the accounts.



KCC reviewed operational procedures


Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 13th June 2016 in the coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:15.