Kingswells Community Council Minutes November 2012

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday 12th November, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Councillor David Cameron / Barrie Buchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Tom Straiton, Ron Howie, John Gerrie, Sam Stafrace (Vice Chair), Ivan Tonna, Stan McEwan.
Apologies: Meg Sands
/ Observers:
Councillor Steve DelaneyCouncillor David CameronPolice representatives






Introduction by ChairCouncillor David Cameron chaired the initial part of the meeting where the office bearers were selected. The office bearers agreed to stand and were nominated and seconded by members present.The following positions were filled.

Chair – Barrie Buchan (Barrie advised that she and KCC should review the position of Chair at each AGM.)

Vice Chair: Sam Stafrace

Treasurer and Secretary: Ian Cox

Planning sub group: John, Tom, Sam, Barrie and Ian

The remainder of the meeting was chaired by Barrie Buchan.


Police Report
Police report circulated by email2 insecure vehicles were stolen.Vandalism to a car
Speeding – police are planning a day of action possibly using laser devices. This will allow better accuracy and image recording.Flashing speed limit signs were discussed, but were not thought likely for Kingswells.Making the public more aware of speeding convictions as a deterrent was discussed, but Police pointed out that it was not possible to name and shame.
There was damage to trees near the ‘camp site’ are at the top of the open area behind Cromar Gardens.


Members of the public
No specific issues.




Bus shelter graffiti at the shops and the A944. The owner of the shelter is responsible for the maintenance of the shelters. Steve and David will see what can be done .




There are issues at the new development at West 1 where people are jumping over the dykes.Steve Shaw at ACC thought it was possible to make an access from West 1 to Fairley Road.Stan is to perform a survey of residents and feedback to KCC

Erecting a fence could solve the problem, but ACC have stated that they would not provide finance.



The planning gain from the Barratt development on Old Skene Road has not been awarded to the Village Hall.Barrie is to write a letter to the Chief Exec at ACC and copy Steve and David.



Malcolm Alan residents association for the Migvie area is still to be set-up. Currently, there is minimal maintenance to the area. The trees in the area have recently been decimated.ACC own the trees.It was noted that ACC will prune ACC’s trees if the public pay them to do the work.

Malcolm Alan also maintains the grass behind the houses.


Steve reported that the road works on the A944 will cause problems until the end of February 2013.


The bollards in Fairley Road will be removed. The bollards now provide little benefit and are continually knocked over.


Steve has proposed a reduction in the speed limit to 40 mph on the A944 to ACC. A decision will be made in February.


The flooding that occurs around 43 – 45 Derbeth Grange has been investigated by ACC who found that additional drainage will be required.


The flooding that occurred in the Lang Stracht recently has been investigated and the drainage has been found to be inadequate. A review will be required.


Maidencraig Masterplan is now out for a 4 week consultation.


The Masterplanning process has now been changed to allow Community Councils to see the final masterplan about two weeks before it goes to Council, but any comments they make will be processed with others made at the public consultation.Comments made by Community Councils will be included in full in the Masterplan – prior to changes they were interpreted by the developer and included in précis form.


Approval of minutesThe minutes of the previous meeting were approved.Spelling mistake will be corrected before issuing approved minute.



Matters Arising from the previous meeting


Ivan reported that the repairs at the foot of the Bridal Path have now been completed.


Planning & Environmental Issues
West Huxterstone: The ACC Committee have approved the masterplan, but have asked that the KCC proposal to have 2 accesses off Fairley Road should be fully investigated.Barrie is to contact Marian McGowan at SMG re possible road layouts.The ACC Committee requested ACC officers to consult with KCC. It was noted that the Committee agreed to change the minute to reflect the officer’s interpretation to go to public consultation.


The proposals for developing the Ardene Vet property off the A944 will be on display at the Four Mile on the 27th November between 3 and 8pm. The proposal includes a 3 storey office with 350 car parking spaces.
Fairley Road Field: KCC attended a public brain storming session to look at possible community uses for the field. Many good ideas were put forward. Adventure Aberdeen will also consult with the school to gather the views of pupils later in November. They will then collate the ideas and feed back to the Steering Group in December. Barrie and Ian to feedback to KCC



Great Western Nursery has a planning application in for change of use of the shop unit previously used by Aberdein Considine.


Expenses in October include £19 for Stan’s ink and £35 for Ian’s ink.The Forum used on the website now costs $99.00 per year or $39.00 for 2 months subscription. Ian has looked for alternatives but the current system is the best available. KCC approved 1 year subscription.




3 No light bulbs are not working in Bethlen Mews Lane. Alex has reported the issue to ACC


Bus service improvements are planned in the short term with further longer term changes will be implemented at the end of January. See website at for further details.


Westhill bus has not been turning up for Kingswells pupils going to Westhill Academy. Barrie is to write to Bluebird


Review of primary school estate – meeting at Bucksburn Academy on 27th November.
Litter at the Park and Ride continues to be an issue. Alex to chase.


Mike Milne of SMG has discussed a proposal to hand over land to adjacent residents associations for a nominal sum. The deal would include SMG paying for the maintenance for several years. At the end of the agreed period the Resident’s association would assume the cost of maintenance.KCC will get maps of the areas concerned from SMG. Colleen Manson will be asked to contact the RAs.




An uneven path near the school has caused an accident. Barrie has reported to ACC


Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on Monday 10th December 2012 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22.30.


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