Kingswells Community Council Minutes October 2011

Minutes of Kingswells Community Council Meeting

Date: Monday 10th October, 2011
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Ron Howie, Colleen Manson (Vice Chair), John Gerrie, Sam Stafrace , Meg Sands, Stan McEwan
Apologies: Tom Straiton, Lord Provost Peter Stephen, Councillor Wendy Stuart
/ Observers:
Ali Mackenzie from the Police
2 Residents from old Lang Stracht.
Item  Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair
2 Police Report
There was no written report.Incidents of interest to the community include:

  • drinking at the school,
  • a road traffic accident on the Kingswells to Newhills road
  • 3 youth annoyance incidents
  • 1 youth annoyance at the shops.
The topic of speeding on the A944 Kingswells to Westhill road was discussed. The police have monitored this and are keeping a high profile to make drivers aware that the road is regularly policed.
It was noted that Co-op has a good reputation with the police for carrying out age checks on people buying alcohol who look under the age of 25.Parents are responsible where youths obtain alcohol from home.
Police have performed patrols for youth issues, but have not witnessed any.
There is a Pub Watch scheme operating in the local area, including the Four Mile. Police will be monitoring behaviour of people leaving pubs including drink driving.  
Alan is to discuss the Police report and KCC’s concerns with Inspector Feely. Alan
3 Approval of the minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Points from Member of the Public   

Two residents representing the old Lang Stracht residents asked for assistance to get ACC to provide the 30 mph speed limit and bus lane for the road. ACC had approved both actions at committee in February, yet no progress had been made.In addition there were reports of a car speeding along the road at speeds estimated to be in excess of 80 mph, and an accident involving a car and a bus.The road is used for walking, cycling and horse riding. Residents are unable to allow their children to walk to school due to speeding traffic.Various papers were handed to Barrie.KCC agreed that Barrie should:

  • review the documentation
  • contact Peter confirming support
  • request assistance to get ACC to carry out the instructions that were approved by Council in February.



Attendees and Apologies

As Above

6 Matters Arising (not covered below)
  Village Centre Maintenance:It was noted that the factors had repaired down pipes and gutters, cleaned out gutters and drains. Barrie to send a ‘thank you’ email.It was also noted that ACC had sprayed week-killer on weeds.Stan is to write to shops advising that Bill Main had retired on 30th September and no one would be replacing him. They would need to make alternative arrangements for picking litter around the village centre. They may also want to consider maintenance of the area. KCC could facilitate a meeting to organise alternatives.An alternative to regular maintenance may be for shops to contribute to a fund on a monthly basis, and to use this to finance the rectification of issues on a needs basis. BarrieStan
Broadband:  It was noted that the Kingswells exchange was one of two in the country that had both copper wire and fibre. This was thought to be one of the reasons upgrades had not provided significant increases in speed in Kingswells. It was noted that the school had problems with internet access due to the loss of equipment at Bucksburn. New equipment had been installed on Brimmond Hill.
West 1 development is known to be progressing without Building Warrant. Barrie is to contact Building Control to get clarification on how ACC allow this to occur. Fear is that the construction could be substandard without the controls and inspection being in place prior to construction.KCC expressed concerns to the planners about the size of these homes. This was not accepted in planning terms, but it may be more appropriate to express future concerns to the Building Control department of ACC at the planning stage. BarrieKCC
Barrie is to get an update on the meeting planned to resolve issues with the school roll. Barrie
7 Councillors
8 Planning
Ian is to look at two planning applications. One is for Morrisons at Summerhill. KCC offered support to Sheddocksley Community Council. Ian
9 Treasurer’s Report
  There was no expenditure during the past month, and the balance of the account was £ 1,807.27.Ian is to provide a breakdown of accounts for next month.Meg handed in receipts for £208 for the plants for the Welcome signs. More plants will be bought in the spring. Meg, Stan and Colleen were thanked for their efforts digging and planting.Meg was authorised to purchase bulbs. IanMeg
The Toucan crossing planned for the Kingswells roundabout has been approved, and work will start in Q1 2012.KCC pointed out to ACC that this area was likely to change with the Prime Four employment land, but this made no difference to ACC’s decision to proceed.Post meeting note: Drum Property have advised KCC that Phase 1 of Prime Four will go to planning in the next few weeks.
The early morning bus service has experienced delays recently. A change of driver was identified as the problem. A more experienced driver has been assigned, and the service seems to be back on schedule.
Planning Gain: ACC have proposed a policy of obtaining a lump sum of £2,064 per new home for Planning Gain.KCC had concerns over this, as there appeared to be little accountability and it would be difficult to identify how money was used.The ‘old system’ identified specific uses for the planning gain, and if the funds were not used for this purpose within 5 years they would be returned to the developer. 
It was noted that there would be a meeting of the Kingswells Residents Associations on 7th November.
Football Pitch at Fairley Road:Adventure Aberdeen (AA) are preparing a plan for the use of the football pitch before the end of the year. KCC were in discussion with AA to explore possible uses for the area that would include community use. Barrie is to get an update, or to invite AA to the next meeting to provide an update.Part of the planning gain for West 1 is to enhance the football pitch.There is an issue in Kingswells with lack of facilities for young people and it would be good to get AA and Stewart Milne involved to develop the field for this purpose.One suggestion by a local youth was to provide a skateboard park.  BarrieAA
11 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on 14th November 2011 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:20.

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