Kingswells Community Council Minutes October 2015

 Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Date: Monday 12th October 2015
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Stan McEwan
Participants Alex Carnie, John Gerrie, David Simpson, Tom Straiton, Kenneth McAlpine, Ian Cox (Secretary),  Trevor Rosbrook
Apologies: Meg Sands, Ivan Tonnar, Ron Howie,
Councillor Steve Delaney
/ Observers
Police: Richard Shepherd and Michael Christian

Councillor David Cameron, Evening Express

Item Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair         
2 Police Report  
  The police report was sent by email and an extract is included.

Area Inspector’s Observations

Since the last reported period reported crime and quality of life issues have reduced.  In fact there has been no Quality of Life incidents reported.

The only reported crime file offences have been the two reported thefts of vehicles and contents and the sole attempted theft from a motor car.  These all relate to the same incident.

The two stolen cars are from the same address where those responsible have entered an insecure garage providing entry to the house and easy access to the first set of keys.  The keys for the second car were found by the thieves in the first car.  At a nearby address the thieves also entered an insecure vehicle however nothing was stolen.  Two males have been charged in relation to this.

Again this is another timely reminder to all to ensure that your property is secure at all times.

Mobile patrols have continued in the area throughout the reporting period.

  The police reiterate that residents should ensure that cars and homes should be kept secure. The main reason Kingswells has the above issues is the number of opportunities Kingswells residents offer opportunist criminals and the success rate achieved.

There was a suggestion that Neighbourhood Watch could be used to spread the word.

Message to public
  There is an issue with the private access at Prime Four being used by unauthorised vehicles. The matter was discussed but the Police have no jurisdiction.  
  Police will continue to monitor speeding around Kingswells.  
3 Members of the public  
4 Councillors  
  West Huxterstone:

Planners confirm that the temporary road will be removed at the end of the development. There was no reported impact on buses, and concerns with wildlife will be monitored.

  The ‘grass’ on the Field at Fairley Road has been cut.  
  The P7s at the school will plant bulbs. ACC will also make bulbs available to the public.  
  David was asked about ACC funding the long term maintenance of the school pond. This issue was seen as one for ACC.

David will speak to the head mistress and David Shaw at ACC.

SMG is offering some funding that may provided a starting point. Stan to send details to school.




  There was some concern about the lack of information available to KCC about recent work on the consumption dyke. This is only example of what seems to be a bigger problem.

David will raise issue with ACC. KCC will monitor.


David KCC

5 Approval of minutes

Last month’s minutes were approved

6 Matters Arising the previous meeting  
  Kenneth provided an update on the preferred locations for additional benches in Kingswells.

The bench planned for the view point over Gillahill is proving to be problematic regarding identifying the land ownership. Evening Express offered to write a small article seeking the owner. Kenneth will get costs of advertising in the Press & Journal and other local Press.




  Alex provided an update on the ground maintenance organised by SMG. Alex, David and Stan will attend meeting with SMG.  
  Malcolm Allan ground maintenance should start in the coming month.  
7 Planning & Environmental Issues  
  Ian and Tom will prepare a submission for Prime Four Phase 4 Extension and Wellness Centre. Tom
  John provided an update on the work the Community Council Forum is doing with traffic consultants for the Development of Union Square.  
8 Accounts  
  No change  
9 AOCB  
  Recent litter pick was reported to be a success.  
  The Christmas tree for the village centre has been ordered. It is hoped that last year’s sponsors will again provide support.  
  There was an issue with lorries damaging the grass near the Chemist. Stan is to speak to the chemist. Stan
10 Date of Next meeting:  
  Next meeting will be on Monday 9th November 2015 in the coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:00.  


The following is a summary of Priority Crimes and Quality of Life incidents occurring between 14 September and 12 October 2015 within the Kingswells Community Policing Team area.

  STORM Incidents          
    AN1A AN1B      
    Dyce Bucksburn Total    
  MOTORCYCLE 0 6 6    
  FIRES 1 2 3    
  PUBLIC NUISANCE 5 12 17    
  Total 9 23 32    
  CRIMEFILE Offences        
    AN1A AN1B AN1C  
    Dyce Bucksburn Kingswells Total
  Fireraising, all types excluding muirburn 0 1 0 1
  Possession of drugs 0 2 0 2
  Theft, from a motor vehicle not elsewhere classified 0 2 1 3
  Theft of vehicle & contents incl taking + driving away 0 1 2 3
  Vandalism 3 5 0 8
  Total Recorded 3 11 3 17
  • HB – Theft by Housebreaking
  • HBwi – Housebreaking with intent to steal

·         Att. HBwi – Attempted Housebreaking with intent to steal

  • Sec 57 – Suspicious person in/on premises with intent to commit Theft
  • OLP – Theft by Opening a Lockfast Place eg. a locked car or box
  • OLPwi – Opening a Lockfast Place with intent to steal
  • OLPwi – Attempt to Open a Lockfast Place with intent to steal
  • Theft MV – Theft of a Motor Vehicle
  • Theft MV – Attempted Theft of a Motor Vehicle
  • Public Nuisance – Rowdy behaviour and general nuisance in a public place. To be used for less serious incidents.