Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting June 2018

Kingswells Community Council

Minutes of Meeting June 2018

Date: Monday 11th June 2018
Time: 19:00
Venue: Adventure Aberdeen
Chair: Kenneth McAlpine
Participants Ian Cox (Secretary), Alex Carnie, Denise Poole, Dave Simpson, Bert Rendall, Aleen Shinnie, Russell Ritchie
Apologies: John Farquharson, Councillor Steve Delaney, Councillor John Wheeler
Representatives / Observers Councillor David Cameron, Police.

Evening Express reporter





Introduction by Chair

Kenneth opened the meeting.


Police Report

Police report was provided by email and was presented by two police officers.

A summary of the police report is included below.

Another positive month of low crime levels and quality of life incidents.

Within the reporting period, we have one priority crime only, which relates to a wilful fire-raising to a vehicle in the Borrowstone area on the outskirts of Kingswells on 17/05/18.  This appears to be an isolated incident and enquiries continue.

Only one incident of youth annoyance/public nuisance type calls reported in the last month, which related to mopeds being ridden in an anti-social manner across the rural paths between Kingswells and Bucksburn.  A police unit did attend immediately however following a thorough search there was no trace of the motorcycles. Following on from recent years, a local policing operation targeting motorcycles is again up and running this year, which targets irresponsible motorcyclists and stolen motor bikes and pedal bike across the City, resulting in a large number of vehicle seizures.  Formally known as Operation Trinity, the staff working on Operation Armour encourage residents to continue to report such anti-social motorcycling and will deal with such matters robustly.

Following on from concerns raised at last month’s meeting, patrols have been increased through the village to address reports of speeding motorists.  High visibility patrols including the use of speed checking equipment have been carried out in Kingswells Crescent and Drive at the identified hot-spot areas, which led to a number of local drivers being stopped, checked and educated.  These patrols will continue in the coming weeks.

On 20/05/18, a small travellers encampment of caravans was established within the Kingswells Park and Ride Car Park.  Following the standard eviction procedures, the encampment moved on after a period of 7-8 days with no problems reported.

 Community Engagement & Reassurance

The following message is being cascaded across the local area and does not relate specifically to Kingswells.

Anyone can be a victim of a bogus caller or rogue trader – so don’t let your doorstep be their marketplace.

That’s the message to every single homeowner and tenant in Scotland as Police Scotland launches a campaign to raise awareness under Operation Monarda.

Between April and September 2017, 336 victims of doorstep crime were defrauded out of around £420,000 across Scotland.  While most victims were considered vulnerable in some way (54%), or were of pensionable age (79%), a significant proportion were out with these groups which are traditionally targeted by such offenders.

Bogus callers will visit a property claiming to be from perhaps a utility company or a charity in order to gain access and steal from within.

Rogue traders offer services typically carried out to a poor standard at over inflated prices, and may use violence or threats to get payment or consent to carry out work – sometimes they will just take the money and do no work whatsoever.

During the campaign Police Officers in the North-east and across Scotland will be running events and stalls to speak to the public at key locations such as banks, garden centres and supermarkets, as well as events giving advice to partner organisations and their clients such as care providers, groups that support those with dementia, and Citizens Advice Scotland.

Community Councils can also help by taking the opportunity to speak with those residents within communities, particularly the elderly and those who may be vulnerable to this type of crime and highlight the dangers associated with bogus callers or rogue traders.  If in any doubt, just say no thanks and hang up or close the door.  Never give out personal details or banking information or agree to purchase items, irrespective how convincing the scam may be.

For more information, please follow the link to:

Kind regards.

Susan Taylor


Kenneth asked police to provide the missing report covering 11th March to April.
Police have performed speed checks and have ‘educated’ several members of the public. Some offenders were charged. Police checks will continue.
Police were asked to provide an update on the fire at the green space along the Bucksburn Valley, behind Concraig Gardens.


Members of the public




Buses: Government is now giving local councils more powers that will enable them to influence the running of bus services.

New Playpark requires an additional bin as the current bin cannot cope with the litter generated during the recent good weather.

David described the intentions a local student has to improve local play parks. KCC requested that the student should contact KCC to determine if they could work together.

David is to send details of the local playparks owned by ACC.




Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved subject to addition of Cala Reps and Press to the attendee list.


Matters Arising from the previous meetings –

Bench: we now have a 3rd quote. Kenneth was asked to prepare an application to Prime Four Trust for funding. Kenneth
Buses: There were reports that some No 14 buses were passing by passengers standing at bus stops on Union Street. These incidents need to be reported to Stagecoach to get resolution. Bus users


Kenneth advised that the Community Centre wanted to proceed with their plans to provide a defibrillator in an unlocked box. As additional security measure they requested KCC extend the CCTV system to cover the box. The existing coverage would not be good enough to identify offenders if this was required.

There was a general discussion including the use of motion sensors.

The community centre need to identify their preferred location to allow KCC to get quotes for the provision of an additional camera.

There was a separate discussion re the defibrillator planned by KCC and a suitable location separate from the community centre unit. We need to find a location with a suitable power supply or consider the use of solar power. Kingswells Care Home was one suggestion.








AFC Action Group: Denise asked for points to be raised at the forthcoming meeting. Denise and Dave will attend the meeting. Denise



The priorities raised by members of the public in the recent questionnaire were discussed.

Russell is to summarise actions that could be taken.




Large scale map of Kingswells. Ian is to chase Karen Ian


Planning and Environment




Ian will print the accounts for the auditor when printer problems have been resolved. Ian





Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 9th July 2018 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:00