Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting May 2012

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday 14th May, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Ron Howie, ,  John Gerrie, Meg Sands, Ivan Tonna, Tom Straiton, Sam Stafrace
Apologies: Colleen Manson (Vice Chair)
/ Observers:
Councillor David CameronCouncillor Steve DelaneySeveral representatives from the Countesswells DevelopersPolice: PC Kayley Roberts





Introduction by Chair


Police Report
Police report was provided by email and was discussed at the meeting.
KCN Article: There was a request that the police prepare an article re insecure properties.


Speeding on the A944 the police reported that checks had taken place on the A944 and although some speeding was detected most people adhere to the limit.Several members thought that this conclusion did not reflect reality. Some members set their cruise control and find that many cars overtake them.
Recording Incidents to the police: one incident of vandalism was not included in the police report. It would appear that calling the police is not enough and callers need to ensure they get an incident number. These are not given out by default.



Members of the public
Countesswells Development:The reps provided a description of the proposed development which will include 3,000 new homes and 10 ha of employment land. Some of the infrastructure required by the development includes: 2 or 3 primary schools, a high school, a dental practice and employment.The first phase will include a school, access from the A944, employment and other facilities that will allow it to standalone.KCC identified that facilities that were missing include a hotel / restaurant and a proper centre. KCC requested no piecemeal development.

The community had a chance to influence the development, but must do this at the correct time.

Public meetings would be arranged 14th-16th June. Kingswells meeting would be 15th June at the FourMile between 4-8pm

The plan would be to meet with KCC to workshop some ideas.

A dedicated website will be setup for the development.




 David Cameron SNP described his background.Steve Delaney had introduced himself at previous meetings.Barrie provided a description of KCC activities.Ian is to distribute contact details by email.



Approval of minutesThe minutes of the previous meeting were approvedRon’s decent was noted.


Matters Arising from the previous meeting


Car park and parking signs outside Coop (update):Disabled Parking Signs had been requested.


Update on litter and bus shelter: Tom has reported the graffiti, but was not aware of the issue with the cables. He will identify the problem with the cables.



Update on letter to Building Control re West One: John has not had success so far. He will try again.



Developer ContributionsBarrie has presented a wish list and has included the road surface damage at Old Skene road between the church and the junction with the road to the perimeter road. Barrie will raise the issue of repairs with Barratt Homes.



Core Path 46 – feedback from the community: There was no feedback from the community on this issue. Barrie will contact ACC and will discuss the way forward.



Police  – Alan to update KCC on meeting: Alan met with the police and he expressed concern with the lack of continuity and communication. There will be an attempt to improve things. KCC to monitor.



Adventure Aberdeen: Ian and Barrie met with Jonathan Kitching from Adventure Aberdeen re the future of the football pitch by Adventure Aberdeen. A meeting is planned towards the end of June with stakeholders to investigate the options.SMG is due to drain the site as part of their developer contributions from West 1.


Barratts development  – SUDS pond and Residents Association: Suds people will contact Barrie tomorrow


ACC Planning Dept. website – Alan to update KCC on correspondence: the issue is with the IT system. Alan is to speak to the IT guy and will report back.



Damage to verges – ACC has let workers know not to drive on the verges.


Planning & Environmental Issues
The next Huxterstone public event is on 22nd May at the FourMile between 3 and 8pm. KCC members can attend from 2pm if they wish.
Prime Four: Ian described a scheme run by Historic Scotland where a community could adopt a monument. If the community were interested then Drum would fund the project. is a nation-wide Community Archaeology project that provides volunteer groups with all the practical advice and training they need to play a leading role in caring for their local archaeology. The scheme encourages groups to get involved in hands-on activities to improve the condition, accessibility and interpretation of their chosen site.Monuments of any age from anywhere in Scotland can be proposed (no matter how unusual), with the focus on helping volunteers to improve sites which they are really passionate about. Taking part in the scheme will equip volunteers with new skills in archaeological fieldwork and conservation, which can be used again and again to promote the heritage of their local area. It’s also a great way to keep active and enjoy teamwork with real results.

All that is required to take part is membership of Archaeology Scotland (and lots of enthusiasm!).

The newly re-launched Adopt-a-Monument project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Argyll and the Islands LEADER, Highland LEADER and Historic Scotland.

KCC were supportive of the project.

John has concerns re the future of the Denburn if all the runoff from Prime Four, West 1 and Huxterstone is to be collected in SUDS systems.
Sign Planning Application: Chemist sign has a planning application. The new signs were considered too big. Barrie is to respond to the application. Barrie
Core Paths: Tom is to write to the Core Path people to express concern re the condition. Tom


Ian presented the accounts to be audited. There was some discussion about creating a contingency fund for use for unexpected expenses like maintenance of the CCTV system or consultation with the community. It was agreed to ring-fence £500 for the contingency fund.




LitterSam was requested to ask the school to speak to the football team leaders to cleanup at the end of sessionsThe school is to be asked to put chicken wire around the bottom of fences. It was not clear who would be responsible – either the school or ACC



The new ground maintenance contact at ACC is Steve Thomson. Alex has his mobile number.
Community Newsletter:there was a discussion re the future of the Community News and the new editor. Colleen will take a back seat with the news and will work with a new editor.KCC’s concerns are to be reported back to Colleen so that she and the new editor can work on these.




Chair’s Report was presented to the members.
Chair’s Statement: Barrie read out a previously prepared statement.“I, as Chair of the Community Council have received two separate complaints from Kingswells residents relating to the behaviour of one of our members.  I sought advice from the Community Council Liaison Officer who advised that due to the nature of the complaints, the residents should report such issues to the Police for them to deal with as it was out with the Community Councils remit to deal with.  The complaints have been passed onto the Police therefore I am unable to discuss them any further”.


Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on 11th June 2012 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:38.


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