Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting May 2018

Kingswells Community Council

Minutes of Meeting May 2018

Date: Monday 14th May 2018
Time: 19:00
Venue: Adventure Aberdeen
Chair: Kenneth McAlpine
Participants Ian Cox (Secretary), Alex Carnie, Denise Poole, Dave Simpson, Bert Rendall, Aleen Shinnie, Russell Ritchie
Apologies: John Farquharson, Police,
Representatives / Observers Councillor John Wheeler, Councillor David Cameron, Councillor Steve Delaney. Evening Express reporter, 2 Reps from Cala Homes.
Item Minute Action


Introduction by Chair

Kenneth opened the meeting.


Police Report

The Police were unable to attend. A summary of the police report is included below.

Another month of low crime levels, as well as continued reduced number of quality of life incidents.

Within the reporting period, we have had on sneak-in theft to a garage which occurred in the Concraig Park area sometime over a two-week period.  Unfortunately, and again despite repeated pleas to the contrary, the garage was insecure, resulting in the loss of a set of high value golf clubs.

Although not within the Kingswells area on more recent occasions, over the last 3-4 weeks, there has been particularly high numbers vehicles stolen using true keys which have been obtained from insecure properties.  This is an on-going problem in the West-End and Hazlehead beats within Aberdeen, as well as further afield into Aberdeenshire. As always, this does provide a timely reminder that opportunist thieves are still out there, and it is of course essential that personal security remains a priority for all residents.  You may have noticed on the North East Division Police Scotland Facebook page in recent weeks a large number of reminders regarding personal security and practical steps to avoid being the victims of such crimes.  I would encourage all members of the community who are social media users to take a look on the Facebook page for further crime prevention advice.

Only one incident of youth annoyance/public nuisance type calls reported in the last month, which related to motorcycles being ridden in an anti-social manner in the Fairly Road area.  A police unit did attend immediately however following a thorough search there was no trace of the motorcycles.

There are no other incidents of note for the area. As the summer months and lighter nights are now with us, we will endeavour to increase patrols in the area and actively engage with local youths to build positive relationships. Of course, and as always, council members and residents should always be encouraged to assist the Police by reporting matters they feel we need to know about.

There was a report of 3 attempted house break-ins and a break-in and stolen car on 10th April. There was concern that these items did not appear in the police report.
There was a report of a resident being subjected to aggressive PPI claims tactics. This was reported to the police, but the resident was advised that the police could not assist with this type of issue.


Members of the public

Cala: proposed development for inclusion in Local Development Plan

Cala described their proposal for new housing to the west of the C89C peripheral road (the bypass road around  Kingswells). The area is shown below.

The proposal is summarised below:

·         700 homes will be integrated into Kingswells

·         The bypass road will be turned into a street

·         Traffic will be 73% less than current levels after the AWPR is operational (this was questioned)

·         The proposal will be passed to ACC on 28th May

·         The proposal will include a community school i.e. a primary school with integrated community facilities

·         Will possibly include additional local shopping

·         Affordable housing will be provided in 2-3 storey blocks.

KCC members had a few concerns including:

·         Kcc questioned the validity of the 73% reduction in traffic post AWPR. Other figures suggested the expected reduction in traffic flows would be replaced with an increase from the proposed housing in Newhills and Bucksburn. Due to the distance to Craibstone Junction it will be easier to travel to the Kingswells North and South junctions.

·         There was concern about the practicalities and safety of converting a road designed for use at 60 mph to a street suitable for a residential area.

·         There was concern about creating two independent communities divided by a road that would not be suitable for pedestrians crossing. Would there be a need for over passes?

KCC previously campaigned for housing in the local area to be located at Countesswells. People valued their lifestyle in Kingswells, and wanted others to be offered similar, or better lifestyles in communities like Countesswells. We have worked with developers to ensure Countesswells benefits from some of the mistakes made in Kingswells.

This proposal is one of many that will be submitted to ACC as part of the Local Development Plan process. ACC will consider all the proposals submitted and will present these to the public in a consultation process by the end of 2018. We will be seeking the views of residents at that time.

Core Path to Gillahill

A resident had concerns about the extent of proposed scope of work to be included in a project to improve the surface of the Core Path leading to Gillahill. This is discussed in more detail in Section 6 of the minute.

The length of lane under consideration as approximately 100m, and would not result in a roadway to Gillahill.



Lock block

Money has been approved to repair the worst areas within Corse Wynd. This will be part of a trial. A report will be prepared for committee in late summer.

Moving boundary fences

This has been an ongoing issue in Kingswells in the Broaddykes area. Some residents have been instructed to move fences back to the original locations.

This issue is not a planning concern, but ACC asset management will deal with any issues.

Bus Service

Various concerns have been identified and have resulted in the following actions

·         Extra buses have been added at busy times

·         The cost of the service is the normal prices. Stagecoach have been promoting the X17 service using discounted fares for passengers using the Park and Ride. This discount is not available to the passengers using the new service 14.

·         Aleen identified issues with timing for pupils in town trying to get to Kingswells after school. Steve will look at this and other issues she will send to Steve.

·         The stops on Union Street are not the same as the X17 and other buses going to Kingswells. Post meeting note: this has been resolved







Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved.


Matters Arising from the previous meetings –

Chase Karen on the training KCC


There was a disappointing response to the recent questionnaire.

There was a view that 250 responses would have been more acceptable, but this far exceeds typical responses to KCC questionnaires. None the less, 17 responses is probably the worst KCC has had to date.

Denise is to summarise the responses.






Walkabout with ACC

Members of the maintenance action group met with ACC to identify some issues around the village centre. The main items are shown on the plan.

Bottom left – Flooding at the north end of the playing field

The path at the edge of the playing field floods. We have asked ACC to look at methods to mitigate the flooding. This may involve connecting into the nearby drainage system.

Bottom right – Maintenance of biodiverse areas.

Some of the biodiverse areas around Kingswells have never been maintained in any way. ACC will look at what maintenance can be done to improve these areas. Any maintenance would not be manicured and would respect nesting birds and other wildlife.

Other biodiverse areas identified included the open space behind the chemist.

Top Right – Surface improvement on Core Path to Gillahill

We have asked ACC to look at what can be done to improve the surface of a short length of path. The surface is poor and can be difficult to negotiate by people pushing buggies and some less able residents. The area has poor lighting, and low level solar lighting could be built into any new surface.

This could be a longer-term project involving various parties.

We also queried the methods used to trim trees and bushes along this path, but ACC does not know who carried out this work.

Top Left – Pond maintenance

We expressed concerns about the lack of maintenance of the pond. ACC claim that some maintenance is carried out, but will they will check to see what additional maintenance can be undertaken.

Other issues: Car park surface at flats near Pizza shop.

We are encouraging ACC to chase the owners of the carpark to carry out the required repairs. If this is unsuccessful then ACC may have to perform the work and to pass on costs to the owners.

Issues to be raised with ACC

·         Complain about the use of weed killer in wide strips. This would appear to be over kill and counterproductive as the wide strips encourage weed growth.

·         Complain about the methods used to trim shrubbery in the lane behind Cromar Gardens.




We discussed the pros and cons of having a defibrillator in a secure box.

The proposed defibrillator would be in addition to the unsecure one planned by the Community Centre committee. It would need to be registered with the ambulance service.

The number for the box would be provided to any one requiring it when they call 999.

There would be no additional costs for 5 years.

Russell is to share the quote with KCC members. Approx cost would be £1,500.

A vote of 8 members for a secure box and 1 for an unsecure box.








AFC Action Group

After some discussion it was agreed that Dave, Denise and Ian should attend in rotation. The action group will report back to KCC

Replacement Noticeboard

Russell advised that he had a revised quote for a new noticeboard. He will pass this on to KCC members.




Planning and Environment




Ian will print the accounts for the auditor when printer problems have been resolved. Ian




Some residents have issues with trees that have tree preservation orders. This status does not prohibit actions where Health and Safety or the structure of homes is an issue. In this case residents should contact the tree man at ACC.



Fiona Pirie has advised that she has new commitments, and no longer has time to be an effective member of KCC. Ian thanked her for her interest and asked her to keep in touch if circumstances changed in the future.


Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 11th June 2018 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:15.