Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting October 2018

Kingswells Community Council

Minutes of Meeting October 2018

Date: Monday 8th October 2018
Time: 19:00
Venue: Adventure Aberdeen
Chair: Kenneth McAlpine
Participants Dave Simpson, Councillor David Cameron, Russell Ritchie, John Farquharson,
Apologies: Bert Rendall, Councillor John Wheeler, Police, Ian Cox (Secretary), Aleen Shinnie, Denise Poole, Alex Carnie, Councillor Steve Delaney
Representatives / Observers Councillor David Cameron Steph Jackman, Kevin MacLeod, Dianne Stewart
Item Minute Action Completed Date


Introduction by Chair

Kenneth opened the meeting


Police Report

Police report was provided by email to KCC on the 4th October.

Summary of the report:-

Within the reporting period, I am pleased to report only one priority crime has been recorded.  This relates to an attempted theft of car wheels from outside a residential address at Coull Gardens, overnight on 29/09/18.  Enquiry is ongoing in relation to this and positive lines are being followed.

Again, it’s pleasing to note that only two incidents of youth annoyance and one report of anti-social driving were received in the last month.  The former was a report of youths attempting, but failing, to light fires in the woods at the rear of Kingswood Avenue on 27/09/18.  The other call related to a report of a young male behaving in a manner which caused alarm to local children – enquiry into this established that no crime had been committed, with the incident occurring due to a deterioration in a local male’s mental health condition.  A report of 30-40 vehicles racing around the Park and Ride site was also received during the afternoon of 22/09/18.  A roads policing unit was dispatched immediately, however there was no trace of any such drivers or behaviour.

As we move towards the winter months, the darker evenings are now upon us.  This does of course provide would-be thieves with further opportunity to carry out any criminal intentions under prolonged cover of darkness.  I would like to remind members of the Community to ensure basic personal security advice is followed and simple measures taken, in order to greatly reduce the chances of becoming an unfortunate victim of opportunistic crime.

During the forthcoming month, we have a busy time ahead for your local policing team, in particular due to Halloween at the end of October, and Bonfire Night in early November.  Operation Moonbeam is the Police Scotland national response to the variety of offences we witness historically across the country at this time of year.  This operation will allow Divisional and Local Policing Commanders to call upon a range of specialist resources and specially-trained officers to deal with any spontaneous incidents of disorder, fire-raising and youth disorder that may occur.

Kingswells itself has fortunately not been a hot-spot for this type of criminality in the past.  The local policing team will however be visible in the area during this busy period in order to deter such behaviour and be able to respond timeously to any reported incidents.  As always, members of the Community are encouraged to call in regarding any suspicious activity or behaviour causing concern.  I will also take this opportunity to encourage all parents and guardians to ensure they are aware where their children are frequenting at all times, and that the firework safety message is passed on and reiterated.

The 101 non-emergency number replaces the range of non-emergency numbers used by former Scottish police forces.

101 gives the people of Scotland a new way to contact the police, seek advice, speak to a local officer or to report a crime that does not need an emergency response, for example:

  • car theft
  • damage to property
  • a minor traffic collision
  • suspected drug use or dealing
  • information about crime in their area

The 101 non-emergency number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It costs a flat rate of 15p per call and connects the public to a police service centre in their local area.

The key reasons for introducing the 101 non-emergency number in Scotland are to: 

  • help keep people safe by giving them one easy-to-remember, easy to dial number for contacting the police, wherever they are in Scotland
  • make the police more accessible, while reducing pressure on the 999 system
  • help the police cut crime by making it easier for the public to pass on information
  • support the creation of a more efficient and effective police service for the people of Scotland
  • increase interoperability with England and Wales, with 101 becoming the nationally recognised non-emergency number for contacting the police across the UK

We would be grateful if you could help promote this valuable new number within your local communities wherever possible. 

The public should continue to call 999 in an emergency – when a crime is in progress, when someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when a life is in danger or when violence is being used or threatened.​


Members of the public

Steph Jackman, Kevin MacLeod, Dianne Stewart were in attendance and have been accepted as new council members from the 26th October 2018 For info



Playpark (near pathway, parallel to Wellside Walk) –

There was concern  raised about the lack of communication or forewarning to residents when the play park was removed.  It was confirmed that ACC are responsible for the park which is currently being refurbished as part of a wider council project.   No timescale has been given for its completion.  There was a short discussion on the condition of other playparks in the area and David Cameron stated that whilst there are no plans to refurbish any others, he indicated that ACC have offered to supply materials and guidance to volunteers as a community project.

For info


No 14 service should improve due to a new timetable being introduced on the 19th November which will also include a Sunday Service. Unfortunately, the closure of Broad Street from the 12th Nov to 6th Jan (Xmas Market) is unlikely to positively impact on timekeeping and reliability.  X17 will no longer make a right turn into the P&R which is a great result and should improve traffic management. A copy of the new timetable is attached as an appendix to these minutes and will be circulated more widely through the community

David 12 Nov

Leaf Management/Clearing

David Cameron explained that Steven Shaw (Environmental Manager at ACC) – was awaiting an additional supply leaf clearing equipment for use on public access routes and areas. Mr Shaw requested that residents refrain from reporting leaf clearing issues at the current time because Mr Shaw is aware of the current difficulties.

For Info

Water Toby drain close to the Bucksburn Valley opening on Kingswells Crescent is causing concern. Councillors 12 Nov

Drain beside flats near primary school is failing despite being recently repaired.  Workmanship was of poor quality and this needs to be addressed Councillors 12 Nov


Approval of minutes

The minutes for the previous meeting were approved however it was recognised that they need to be distributed and agreed in a timelier manner ready for approval at the next KCC meeting to ensure that future meetings are as effective as possible. New KCC 12 Nov


Matters Arising from the previous meetings

Community Bench: Funding has been approved and work will commence circa first week in November (weather permitting).  Bench to be situated at the corner of Concraig.  See map belowConfirmation required that grant documentation signed and returned.

Post meeting note: paperwork has been returned to Foundation Scotland

For Info


25 Oct

Noticeboard:  New board due this week however a logistical issue has delayed delivery, awaiting new date.

Post meeting note– delivery arranged for 22nd or 23th Oct 2018

Kenneth 12 Nov
Once received new KCC plan to discuss branding guidelines and engaging with the community on its usage.

The Pharmacy Manager has agreed to allow the installation of the defibrillator cabinet on an external wall of their premises and become custodians for the Defibrillator and the cabinet. We expect the installation will happen in the near future and thus allow registration of the Defibrillator with the Scottish Ambulance Service. The KCC would like to extend its appreciation to the pharmacy for taking on this responsibility and for the Pharmacy’s ongoing support of the community.

For info 29 Oct
Defibrillator Training:

Whilst the equipment is straightforward to use there is a  desire to build community resilience by having residents of Kingswells  trained in CPR and in the use of the Defibrillator.  KCC are looking for volunteers from the community who wish to take part in the training.  Any interested party should email  Dates and times for the training are yet to be confirmed.



12 Nov
Defibrillator PR: This is a significant win for the community and one that deserves some PR and media attention.  The new KCC will be marketing this item in the coming weeks along with signage detailing the location of same. New KCC 12 Nov
Residents Association: – KCC is keen to collaborate with all community groups and businesses in the area as well as all residents.  It was suggested that due to the overlap of some community issues e.g. landscaping, that it would beneficial to contact the chairpersons from all Kingswells Residents Associations to encourage a collaborative approach and ensure relevant information is shared across the community. John 12 Nov
Field beside Adventure Aberdeen: Whilst the proposed development of an Adventure Play Park in this field is a positive ambition for the community and the Aberdeen area it was felt that the – proposal – has lost momentum for personnel and financial reasons over the last 18 months. The New KCC would like to revisit the proposal.  Further updates required Dave


12 Nov
Community Payback: is the new name for what was once called Community Service as part of the Criminal Justice system. KCC has not yet been able to establish communication with the manager of the programme. The initial suggestion as that if the Community Payback programme was cooperative, KCC might be able to identify projects in Kingswells for the Community Payback team to undertake. Action outstanding 12 Nov
Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership (AHSCP): -Denise and another resident of Kingswells were registered to attend a recent public engagement event organised by AHSCP. Denise’s feedback is awaited. Denise 12 Nov


Planning and Environment

Fast Food planning application: A hearing has been scheduled by the ACC at the Council Chamber, Town House, Broad Street, Aberdeen on Wednesday 28 November 2018 commencing at approximately 11.00am to hear the concerns on the application.  These are mainly regarding safety and vehicular access to the Vet based on the current plans. New KCC 31 Oct
We would welcome any further comments, information or suggestions from Kingswells Residents before end of Oct.  The new KCC will discuss a strategy to formalise the community’s concerns or questions to enable these to be raised and recorded at the proposed hearing.



Accounts were approved. Ian to send to ACC Ian



Dog mess – Dianne raised a concern about the prevalence of dog faeces in the Kingswells area.  This has been raised and discussed in previous meetings and has been an ongoing concern.  It is ACC policy that it will not provide any new Dog Bins but will replace damaged or missing dog bins.  Therefore, it was suggested that KCC members raise awareness of this issue, erect some signs and Dianne agreed to write a short article for the website and Kingswells News in support of a change behaviour in relation to this issue. Dianne
John identified the need for an additional multipurpose bin in the Wellside /Concraig area.
New Community Council – 12 nominations forms have been submitted and approved and the new council members are

  • Edosa J Akioya
  • Alexander Carnie
  • Craig Coates
  • Ian Cox
  • John Farquharson
  • Stephanie Jackman
  • Kevin Macleod
  • Denise Poole
  • Russell Ritchie
  • Aleen Shinnie
  • David Simpson
  • Dianne Stewart
For info TBC
Who are the KCC? – There is strong view that the new KCC need to improve their brand and raise awareness of the purpose, goals and remit of a community council.

As of the 26th October the New KCC will consist of a majority of new volunteers with new ideas and experience.  It was suggested that a pre-meeting was held to get to know each other, agree roles and responsibilities of individual members of KCC.

Post meeting note-

A document called The Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils in Aberdeen City defines the mandate and summarises the purpose and accountability of KCC to the community and to ACC. This document includes a Code of Conduct and the new Scheme includes a Disciplinary Policy and Procedure for community councillors.

New KCC 12 Nov
Bulb Planting: Volunteers are being sought from the New Council and residents to support the planting of a substantial quantity of bulbs.  New Council members committed to encourage support from neighbours and friends. New KCC 12 Nov
Christmas Tree –Ian Cox has been made aware that the normal supplier of the Christmas tree will be unable to supply one of the size normally erected in Kingswells. For Info
Last but not Least! –

The new KCC would like to thank Kenneth for his involvement in the KCC over the last few years, latterly as Chairperson and wish him all the best for the future.  The new KCC are keen to ensure a smooth transition over the coming weeks and transfer of knowledge from outgoing members will be key to supporting this. We ask that you bear with us during this period.

New KCC 12 Nov


Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 12th November 2018 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm.