Kingswells Community Council Minutes September 2011

Minutes of Kingswells Community Council Meeting

Date: Monday 12th September, 2011
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Ron Howie, Colleen Manson (Vice Chair), Tom Straiton, Meg Sands, Stan McEwan
Apologies: John Gerrie, Sam Stafrace, Lord Provost Peter Stephen
/ Observers:
Councillor Wendy Stuart.PC Bruce Davidson from the Police
Item  Minute Action
1 Introduction by Chair
2 Police Report
Police report was sent by email.
It was noted that after a leaflet drop there were no new incidents reported for opportunist thefts from insecure vehicles or homes. Residents should continue to consider the security of their property. Kingswells
The Co-op now has a policy that limits the number of young people allowed in the shop at one time.
There was a request for speed checks on the Kingswells / Bucksburn road and the A944 Westhill road. There was also a request for statistics for these roads. Police
Alan will discuss the format of the police report with the Inspector. The expectation was a more user friendly format, the latest report is the old format – mainly stats. Alan
3 Approval of the minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved 8 votes for 1 against and 2 members who did not attend the meeting abstained.
4 Points from Member of the Public
5 Attendees and Apologies
As Above
6 Matters Arising (not covered below)
  Maintenance of the land around the Buckburn valley.
Stewart Milne Group will consult their legal team re land ownership.There is concern that too much ‘cleaning’ is done and wildlife will be affected.A resident has raised concern that 4 yew trees have been destroyed.Colleen will feedback any progress.
Broadband 21st Century connection may not take place because of problems at the exchange.
Village Maintenance: Barrie has been in touch with Co-op side of the centre and has not been able to make progress.It was thought that the lease for the shops was likely to be repair / maintenance (for the building) type where the shops would be responsible for everything else.
The welcome to Kingswells Signs will be planted out around the base of the signs.
There was some discussion re the West 1 development. It was decided to continue to monitor the work. KCC
7 Councillors
8 Planning
9 Treasurer’s Report
  There was no expenditure during the past month, and the balance of the account was £ 1,807.27. KCC grant of £759.07 was paid into the account.
Aberdeen City Council now has a good website for viewing part of Aberdeen’s history in the form of a photo gallery. Barrie is to distribute the web link. Barrie
KCC noted the publicity that Steve Delany from Sheddocksley Community Council had obtained in the media re the Lang Stracht. This is something KCC should consider in the future. KCC
It was noted that Aberdein Considine were moving and there would be a hole in the funding for the village cleaning project. This could be accepted for a short time – until the shop was re-let.
It was noted that football matches generated litter. The KCC view was that the football organisers should take responsibility for cleaning this up.
Derbeth Grange has a problem with water running across the road, then collecting at the sleeping policemen. It was thought that Scottish Water would be responsible for this type of thing. Colleen is to report the matter.  Colleen
Barrie is to try to bottom out the issues with the school role and include this in a future KCN article. Barrie
The Prime Four development has been quiet as the developer has been involved in preparing a Masterplan.There will be a public consultation on the Hub later this year.It is likely that there will be a planning application towards the end of 2011, with building starting in Q2 2012.
11 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on 10th October 2011 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22:02.