Kingswells Community Council Minutes September 2016

Kingswells Community Council Minutes
September 2016

Community Council Minutes of Meeting


Monday 12h September 2016




Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road.


John Gerrie,


Alex Carnie, Trevor Rosbrook, Kathy Strachan, Tom Straiton, Dave Simpson, Ian Cox (Secretary)


Kenneth McAlpine

/ Observers

Councillor Steve Delaney, Councillor David Cameron, Claire Spence, 2 Police Constables, 1 member of the public





Introduction by Chair


Police Report

Police report was provided by Email.

During this particular reporting period there were only three reported incidents of antisocial behaviour/public nuisance type calls.

These related to damage to trees and littering to Brimmond Hill Country Park, youths throwing stones and sticks and defacing dry stone dykes to the rear of Cromar Gardens, and a similar incident to this at Kingswood Path. These areas will be patrolled more regularly by officers from your Community Policing Team to ensure there is no escalation over the coming weeks.

I’m pleased to report no incidents of motorcycles or wilful fire-raisings during this reporting period. Patrols will continue to be carried out in the areas previously affected by fire-raisings to ensure every effort is made to prevent any further incidents and detect those responsible.

The theft by housebreaking, attempted theft by housebreaking with intent, and two thefts from motor vehicles all occurred overnight in Migvie Grove and Midmar Crescent. Again on all these occasions, the owners’ vehicles and garages had been left insecure. Enquiries continue into these incidents.

Once again this reinforces the general police message where assistance is sought from local residents and vehicles owners to adopt basic security measures by simply checking doors and windows are properly secured.

The theft OLP relates to a theft of tools from the AWPR site off the A944, which falls under the Kingswells area policing beat. Again, enquiries continue in this incident.

The supply of controlled drugs incident occurred within the Village Hotel at Kingswells, which has led to two persons being reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

Susan Taylor


Youths are using the ‘camp site’ again. Police were advised.


Tom advised police that he had reported youths in his garden creating a disturbance in the middle of the night, but the incident was not included in the report.

Tom is to email Inspector Chambers re the non-recording of the incident.


Police advised that 101 calls are being answered all round Scotland.


There was a suggestion that a photo of a burned out high priced car should be included in the newsletter to highlight the issue of cars being stolen from driveways.


Inspector Chambers is leaving at the end of September.



Members of the public

Members of the public were interested in discussions on the withdrawal of the Kingswells bus services X40 and 11.



There are various councillors all trying their best to get a suitable outcome for Kingswells as having no bus service around the village is not an option.

Councillors have been speaking to First. They report that First have not submitted the Cancellation Order which is required before the service can be stopped. They have also spoken to Stagecoach who are interested in looking for a solution, but cannot proceed until the Cancellation Order has been submitted. The X17 is a subsidised route so the scope for change is limited as this would impact on the subsidy.

Mark McDonald has contacted ACC regarding a consultation with residents and a consultation will be arranged in the near future. A copy of the letter was distributed to all.

The Chief Exec of ACC will be meeting with all political groups to discuss the options and the issues will be debated at Council on 6th October.

There was a report that the number of journeys quoted by First is not accurate as the number of passes being used was not being recorded properly. Senior passes should be recorded but the machine does not always work properly. This seems to be a common issue. Season tickets are only flashed to the driver and are never recorded.


KCC should generate some community interest re the withdrawal of the X40 and 11 bus services.


David reported that Legal Services have advised that each issue at Cairdhillock Farm needs to be dealt with individually.


David reported that the trials planned for alternatives to lock block repairs will not take place as the material has been found to be unsuitable.

Mike Cheyne is asking for funding to perform future repairs using lock block and not tar.


ACC is cutting grass at infrequent intervals and as a result the grass cuttings are too long, and the finished cut is a mess.

There have been issues which have now been resolved and grass cutting should improve going forward.

There was a discussion re picking up grass cuttings and ACC do not have machines capable of picking up the cuttings. Even the new machines bought recently do not have that functionality.


Some of the contractors cutting grass for residents associations do a good job, and pick up grass at no additional charge. KCC enquired if the new empowerment act would allow the community to organise one of these contractors to cut all the grass in Kingswells, and for the money ACC currently spend in Kingswells to be used to pay for it. KCC should speak to Legal Services.



Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved with a correction to spelling of Cairdhillock Farm.


Matters Arising the previous meeting

Kathy is to find out from ACC if KCC can pay to replace dog bins rather than for ACC to replace them with the black bins.


Dave spoke to ACC Environmental Health about the condition of the Derbeth Pond. Smell is not an issue as it does not affect any houses.


Dave has contacted ACC re the constant stream of water running down the path at the north side of the Bucksburn Valley. The issue has been on going for over a year, since a resident had some work done in their garden. When ACC looked at the issue they found no water. Dave is to arrange an on site meeting with ACC to see the problem and to discuss the solution.



The path at Gillahill is overgrown and very narrow. The once splendid views from the path are now totally obscured. Dave has spoken with ACC who have advised that they are willing to clear the path. Dave and Tom will meet ACC to discuss the work required. Tom advised that the work should be carried out between July and March to allow for nesting birds.




Trevor is to take on the discussions re the closure of the C128c with ACC.



Planning & Environmental Issues

There was some discussion on the proposal by Drum to use Phase 5 of the development for Retail rather than Office development. The recent consultation was very poor, and there was no layout or any detail provided to form the basis of a useful consultation.

KCC agreed that the original Office development was more suitable than the proposed Retail and KCC should respond accordingly.




No change to the accounts.

Preparation of the accounts for audit is in hand.



Discussion on the issues resulting from the recent clear up of the lane in Wellside area should be held over until next month.



Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 10th October 2016 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 22:15.