Kingswells Community Council Minutes September 2018

Kingswells Community Council

Minutes September 2018

Date: Monday 9th September 2018
Time: 19:00
Venue: Adventure Aberdeen
Chair: Kenneth McAlpine
Participants Ian Cox (Minutes), Alex Carnie, Denise Poole, Dave Simpson,  Aleen Shinnie, Russell Ritchie, John Farquharson
Apologies: Bert Rendall, Councillor John Wheeler, Councillor David Cameron, Police
Representatives / Observers  Councillor Steve Delaney, 3 members of the public.
Item Minute Action


Introduction by Chair

Kenneth opened the meeting.


Police Report

Police report was provided by email

A summary of the police report is included below.

Within the reporting period, we have four priority crimes recorded.  These relate to a theft by housebreaking at a semi-rural farm on the outskirts of Kingswells, a vandalism to a car on Derberth Manor, the theft of a motor vehicle from the Brooke Rise area and a robbery within a residential property on Corse Avenue.

The most concerning of the above is obviously the report of a robbery which occurred in early September. This is of course an unusual and isolated incident which resulted in the elderly female occupant being unharmed however naturally shaken up by the incident.  The enquiry is being progressed and positive lines are being followed.  The assistance of the community is requested, in particular assistance is sought from anyone who would have private CCTV installed within their homes near to the locus, or similarly from any drivers who may have dashcam footage covering the vicinity of Corse Avenue at the material time. Anyone with information to share is urged to contact Police Scotland as soon as possible.

Only two incidents of youth annoyance and motorcycle type calls were received in the last month.  The former was a report of youths throwing eggs at residential properties in Wellside Place, and the latter was a report of a quad bike being driven to the rear of Concraig Park whilst carrying a young passenger in an unsafe manner. On both occasions, a police unit attended immediately however no persons were traced.

Now the schools are back our young people will have formed new friendships and moved into new groups, whilst the evenings are still lighter and the weather good our outdoor spaces are just the place for them.  When we as parents are encouraging youngsters to stay out longer/explore further because you’re a year on please let that advice include where not to go and the reasons why.  Within the Kingswells area, we have a number of building sites and derelict buildings which young people are attracted to because they offer excitement and are out of the public view.  Your help is appreciated to highlight in many cases a significant danger once our inquisitive young people have climbed past the security barriers.

Also at this time of year a number of our young people look to move away from home and into further education.  The advice provided on the link below will be invaluable in keeping those loved ones safe as well as their property with them.

It can be a daunting time for any young person and their family however significantly more support and advice is available than in years gone by.

Denise identified an incident that was not recorded in the police report. Denise is to provide further information. Denise


Members of the public

3 Members of the public were interested in joining KCC and wanted to gather more information.



Buses: The bus service has not been reliable with some missing buses. At other times buses are late. Where this may be acceptable with a frequent service, it is more difficult to accept with an hourly service.

The existing service has good passenger numbers, but the experience is poor. As Stagecoach is under contract they will have to address the issues. 5 out of 6 buses are currently delayed by more than 30 minutes.

The new timetable will operate with additional buses and has a longer journey time. It is hoped this will improve reliability. The new timetable also includes an hourly service on Sunday.

A new service has been introduced to serve the AWPR via the Park and Ride.

There is no update on the resolution of the failing repair to carpark.

Path to school: part of the path is breaking up.

KCC thanked Steve for his work in providing the new playpark in Kingswells.


Approval of minutes

The minutes for previous meeting were approved subject to addition of Cala Reps and Press to the attendee list.


Matters Arising from the previous meetings –


Russell has gathered and rationalised the views expressed in the recent questionnaire on a spreadsheet. Many of the comments were similar and could be addressed with common action points. He circulated his spreadsheet and asked for comments.

The finalised responses will be posted on the website and published in the newsletter.




Noticeboard:  Kenneth has taken delivery of a noticeboard but is now awaiting delivery of a replacement for the damaged unit. Kenneth
Defibrillator: We now have details of the specification for the electrical supply to the box housing the defibrillator unit.

There was a discussion about proceeding with the KCC defibrillator at the pharmacy. Alternative locations had been considered but could not be used until permission was obtained. The community centre could use some of the more secure alternative locations for their un-locked box. The majority view was to proceed as soon as possible.

Kenneth will obtain new quotes with a view to place an order by the end of the week.







Grass Cutting: There was concern about the mess left after ACC cut grass. The grass cuttings were left covering footpaths which created a danger of slips and falls; and were also unsightly.

Dave contacted ACC and operators have been asked to take more care and to cut at a lower speed to minimise the spread of the cuttings. ACC don’t have the ability to pick up cuttings with the machinery they currently own. Dave reported he was happier with the service provided, but Aleen thought more could be done. Aleen to send photos to Steve.






Community Payback: currently looking for new projects. This is a scheme where ‘offenders’ are required to do community service.

There was concern that KCC would be responsible for any resulting issues. Kenneth advised that supervision staff were responsible.

Aberdeen Health and Social Care: looking for feedback on services.


Planning and Environment

Maidencraig Junctions with the Lang Stracht

The housing development at Maidencraig (around Dobbies) has been approved for some time but the finalised junction design has still to be approved. The latest documents were issued after the formal consultation period, and KCC was not allowed to make comment on these documents.

After reviewing the documents KCC planning subgroup had concerns and asked Steve how to proceed. We were advised to send emails to 3 local councillors and those on the Planning committee.

Post Meeting Note:

KCC sent the following by email:

The planning process has prevented Kingswells Community Council from formally commenting on the latest documents presented with this application. Consequently, we ask that you consider this informally.

We ask you to consider the following points when you assess the proposed changes to the access to the Maidencraig development.

  • The impact on the residents of the Maidencraig development has not been taken into consideration.
  • The developer is intent on minimising costs. Avoiding a one-time cost of lowering a fibre cable will result in a compromised roads layout for both local residents and people travelling along the Lang Stracht, and will generate ongoing costs in perpetuity.
  • Changing the existing junction to left-in left-out results in wasted journey times when going into Aberdeen. Residents will have to travel west to go east.It has avoided two signalised junctions in close proximity at the eastern side of the development but has created three in close proximity at the western side. This is far from an ideal solution for the Lang Stracht.
  • Creating an additional junction can only be justified by compromising pedestrian crossing times at the traffic signals.
  • Overall the suggested improvements in traffic timing are marginal and will be dependent on getting all the junctions working properly. In practice, this rarely happens, and the result is traffic chaos.

KCC request you turn down the proposed modification to the conditions and request the developer continues to seek a better solution. They should work with the community who will be affected by their design.

Post Meeting Note:

At committee Steve expressed similar concerns but the proposals were approved.






Accounts were approved. Ian to send to ACC Ian



Chair Report

Kenneth presented his chair’s report by email. There were no comments. The report is available on website.

Tree Felling

There have been several trees felled around Kingswells recently. There was a general discussion about this and other general issues relating to resident’s associations (RAs).

There was a view that it would be good to re-establish contact with RAs on a regular basis. John (also chair of Concraig RA) is to gather contact details for all RAs in Kingswells.






Date of Next meeting:

Next meeting will be on Monday 8th October 2018 at Adventure Aberdeen @ 7pm. Meeting closed at 21:00