Kingswells Community Council Response to Prime Four Masterplan

Comment on Summary Document

It is noted that there is a 90m band of GSN including an open setting to the Consumption Dyke, and a 120m no build zone. Kingswells Community is concerned about the appearance of the development when viewed from the north. The community was given assurances that the development would be screened and would have minimal visual impact. It would appear that the 90m open setting limits the screening that was promised. If this is the case then the 120m no build zone should be extended to ensure that promises made to the community can be fulfilled.

The significant deviation from the Framework (below left) is not acceptable to the community. The masterplan (below right) should not be approved until community issues are addressed.

See the attachment for full report


  1. KCC Response to Master Plan (1005.1 KiB)

  2. op40_kingswells_03 (4.9 MiB)
    Phase 1 Framework

  3. masterplan_kingswells_phase2andphase3_reports August 12 (3.8 MiB)
    Masterplan for Phase 2 and 3 of Prime Four Development