Kingswells Community News April 2012

Get out and about and enjoy Brimmond Hill Country Park

Spring is on its way. Fancy getting out into the countryside without having to get into the car ? Kingswells is surrounded by some glorious walks and Brimmond Hill Country Park (connecting to the Four Hills Walk) is on our doorstep.

A member of the public has contacted Kingswells Community Council (KCC) to highlight a core path (CP) identified as CP42 from Kingswells Crescent, which could connect up the village to CP33 at Brimmond Hill. CP33 is a pleasant route up the hill. However, CP42 is overgrown, muddy and not very useable. KCC have contactedAberdeen City Council expressing our support for CP42 to be upgraded and signposted. There are land ownership issues to be overcome andKCCunderstands that, although ACC has limited resources at present, our request has been noted and ACC have raised this route higher in their priorities of routes to be considered for planning in future years.

Circular walk Kingswells to Brimmondhill

KCC would be keen to promote some upgrading work to improve the path. However, we have expressed a wish for a full consultation, with residents, on the scale of any upgrade.ACC’s aspiration is that CP42 will be suitable formulti-use, but actual specifications have not been planned yet. It is KCC’s own view that CP42 is a rural path and should be upgraded as such in a similarway to paths to Gillahill and along the Bucks Burn valley, for example. KCC do not consider tarmac and lighting to be appropriate. However, we will welcome other residents’ views on this.

One complication is that the new road layout planned for the major Kingswells North junction of the AWPR could potentially remove this access route to Brimmond Hill. Campaigning for improvements to CP42 could help to ensure that planners maintain good access to Brimmond Hill once the AWPR is built.
Kingswells Community Council would be delighted to hear your views on the upgrading of CP42.

Please email
Write to –
Kingswells Community Council:
3 Corse Avenue, Kingswells, Aberdeen AB15 8TL
Post your letter into the post box on the wall between
the two notice boards in the village centre


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  1. It’s not progress, it’s the ruination of a lovely area. The bigger an area becomes the more downhill it gets….. 🙂

  2. ….yes Kingswells used to be a nice area to go walking in but not for much longer as some idiot keeps giving permission for houses and an industrial estate to be built, which then entails more people, more trouble, more cars, more rubbish, more traffic lights, crossings , railings and looking more like a town than ever……. oh mustn’t forget more noise ! So keep it up Kingswells and soon there wont be a blade of grass to walk on…

  3. Many thanks for the published article to bring this “missing link” the unfinished section of core path 42 to the community of Kingswells.

    I find some slight contradiction:
    “CP42 is overgrown, muddy & not very useable”

    Is this due to lack of use (overgrown) ? Or due to over use (muddy) ?

    “There are land ownership issues to be overcome?”

    The path corridor has already been established & is duly fenced off.

    “ACC has limited resources at present”

    Yet they boast about this proposed Union Terrace Gardens Upgrade project!!!

    The basic message is ‘if we do not use this path we will loose it’. In time it will be completely forgotten.

    Brimmond Hill Country Park is on our doorstep & is a great escape from the hustle & bustle of everyday life.

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