Kingswells Masterplan


The Kingswells Development Framework and Phase One Masterplan has been prepared as a guide for the future development of land identified as Opportunity Site OP40 in the Proposed Aberdeen Local Development Plan (ALDP). It is intended to act as interim planning advice,pending Council approval for adoption of the Aberdeen Local Development Plan.

The Development Framework and Masterplan has been prepared following the Council’s adopted Aberdeen Masterplanning Process and contributes to the Scottish Government and Aberdeen Local Development Plan policy aims of raising design quality in new development, through the 6 key qualities of creating successful places, namely – distinctive, welcoming, safe and pleasant, adaptable, easy to get to and move around, and resource efficient.

The Development Framework sets out a clear vision to “create a business park with an exemplary working environment where quality architecture is set in a landscape which enhances the buildings themselves and provides the highest levels of amenity for all” and “to provide a sustainable, well integrated extension to Kingswells which includes essential high quality business accommodation and employment opportunities to enhance the economic growth of the wider City Region.”

The key objectives for the Development Framework are to:

  • Create a landscape which reflects the rural character of this area of Aberdeen; relates to the surrounding area and takes its references from the natural heritage;
  • Create settings for buildings which are sympathetic, balanced and mitigate their visual impact on the landscape;
  • Create external environments which enhance the daily living experience;
  • Create a high quality environment by the considered design of external features such as footpaths, street furniture, woodland belts and boundary walls;
  • Provide multiple connections and maximum choices for people to use sustainable travel modes to travel to work, e.g. walk, cycle, or bus.
  OP40 Kingswells Part One
  OP40 Kingswells Part Two
  OP40 Kingswells Part Three
  OP40 Kingswells Part Four
  OP40 Kingswells Part Five
  OP40 Kingswells Summary
  OP40 Kingswells Archaeological Assessment

The Development Framework and Masterplan will be presented to the Enterprise Planning and Infrastructure for consideration at their meeting on 13 September 2011.

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