Kingswood Drive to close during sewer works

Kingswood Drive will be closed partially closed next week (week beginning 4th June) while sewer connection works are carried out.

The road will be closed from the Kingswells Avenue junction for about 50 metres south.  There will be no parking on that stretch of road during the works, which are due to begin on Monday [4 June] and last for up to a week.

An alternative route is available via Kingswood Drive. Temporary traffic signals will be in operation at the junction during the sewer connection works. The lights will then be moved south of the junction and remain in place for about a fortnight while two new entrances are formed for a new pharmacy.


  1. hhahahahahahahah and YEH were getting enough of them in Kingswells !!

  2. Poor Johnny Foreigner no understandy the high way code….one way mean one way !!!
    Red lighty mean stop & waity. No go wrong way to avoid red lighty…

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