03-01 New stadium at Kingsford

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03-01 New stadium at Kingsford

Summary TBA

Site Layout


ACC Assessment

Nature of the proposal: Stadium, Community and Sports Facilities and Football Academy
Checklist Score: 48
Constraints: Greenbelt
Recommendation:  Desirable

 The site is generally low-lying with limited flooding risk. It is open farmland that is currently zoned as green belt in the extant local development plan. It serves as a green space buffer between Kingswells and Westhill and has the green belt function of helping to protect the identity of both areas. It is distant from local facilities. It is however noted that planning permission was granted for a new stadium at the site location

(P170021) in April 2018. This will replace the existing stadium at Pittodrie, which also has planning permission for the development of 350 units (P101517). Given these circumstances it is appropriate to allocate the site for a football stadium, community and sports facilities, and a football academy.

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