03-02 Gillahill

Residential (650 houses), Primary School, Civic Space, Café 

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03-02 Gillahill

Summary Taken from Sections 7, 10.2 and 11.1 and was provided by the developer

The site is identified for a residential development and has the capacity to deliver around 650 houses as well as access, strategic landscaping and areas of open space. This would be a phased development, including a mix, including detached, semi-detached and terraced, 2 – 5 bedroomed properties. An exact mix would be provided in due course taking account of the prevailing market conditions and affordable housing requirements. Affordable Housing will be provided in line with developer obligations requirements at the time of development. No affordable housing partner, or details of tenure have been identified at this stage and this would be clarified as the process progresses. Land is set aside for a new Kingswells Primary School and playing fields for which the total area would be agreed through discussions with Aberdeen City Council. There is also potential to provide community use/civic space with opportunities for a café or shop. Subject to discussions with the Council, there may be scope to move the existing primary school to this site allowing that site to be utilised for a village centre expansion.

Community Benefits
The proposals provide benefits to the local community in the form of new housing, including affordable housing and a new primary school with enlarged playing fields. In turn, this would enable the existing primary school to be re-used for additional community facilities or an expansion of the village centre. The bid site also provides the potential for civic space with opportunities for a café or shop.

ACC Assessment

Nature of the proposal:

Residential (650 houses), Primary School, Civic Space, Café 

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Green belt




The site has scored well in most of the criteria. It is generally flat with reasonable shelter and is well related to the wider Kingswells area. It was however considered during the examination into the 2012 and 2017 LDPs. The reporter concluded that its green belt status was appropriate, and its development would result in significant encroachment into the existing open gap that separates Kingswells from Aberdeen. In addition, there is no primary school capacity at Kingswells, although the proposal seeks to include a primary school as part of the development. It is felt that the site’s green belt function still stands therefore making the site inappropriate for residential development.  

The Proposed Strategic Development Plan asks the Local Development Plan to allocate a limited amount of housing land. These allocations should take place on brownfield sites and utilise the current “constrained” supply in the first instance. Reducing travel distances and making walking, cycling and public transport more attractive to people will be important considerations, particularly for any new greenfield development sites that are proposed. In addition, allocations should be small scale in nature, and should not be extensions to any existing, strategic, development sites that have been subject to a masterplanning exercise.  Because of this, the allocation of this site is likely to be contrary to the Proposed Strategic Development Plan.

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