03-09 Derbeth Kingswells

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03-09 Derbeth Kingswells

Summary Taken from Sections 7, 10.2 and 11.1 and was provided by the developer

  • 700 homes including 25% affordable
  • Small-scale local retail/services possible in
    certain locations subject to market demand
  • Potential site for primary school

Community benefits:

  • The development of the Derbeth site will require a
    new primary school with associated Early Learning
    and Childcare (ELC) facilities. This is provided for
    in this bid.
  • Additional affordable housing delivered alongside
    and only only achievable as part of a private
    housing development
  • Integrated open space/connections to and from
    Kingswells and further westwards.
  • Provides much needed private housing
  • Mix of community uses, including land for a
    new primary school
  • C89 altered from a main distributor road to a
    local road with improved crossing points


Site Location

03-09 Location

Site Layout

03-09 Layout

Integration With Kingswells

03-09 Integration

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