03-10 Prime West

Local Development Plan Bid Sites

03-10 Prime West

8.5 ha Retail

1,400 sq.m of local convenience floorspace and 13,900 sq.m of comparison floorspace. Retail uses will exclude department store and fashion/clothing to avoid direct competition with the City Centre

Community Benefit

Increased access to convenience and comparison shopping for Kingswells and wider community, increased employment opportunities, supports the City’s economy and retail competitiveness.

Prime Four continues to encourage other uses to service the users of the business park and allow the park to operate on a wider timeframe than simply 9-5 on weekdays. The aim of this mix of uses is to establish a business location that provides a wide range of services and facilities locally, increases the sustainability of Prime Four and reduces the need to travel for its users. Of course this has a double benefit as it will also help serve Kingswells community and provide them with a much wider range of services that are unlikely to be provided locally except by Prime Four Business Park.

Site Location

03-10 Location

Integration With Kingswells

03-10 Integration

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