10-03 Land at Phase 1 NE Countesswells

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10-03 Land at Phase 1 NE Countesswells

Summary Taken from Sections 7, 10.2 and 11.1 and was provided by the developer

This Phase 1 bid represents a modest expansion to the existing Countesswells settlement for an initial phase of residential development which has the capacity to deliver around 355 new homes, as well as appropriate access, infrastructure, landscaping and open space provision. The housing would include detached, semi-detached and terraced, 2 – 5 bedroomed properties and an exact mix would be provided in due course taking account of the prevailing market conditions, affordable housing requirements and taking cognisance of the range and quality of house designs and mix which has already been established at Countesswells. Affordable housing will be provided in line with developer obligations requirements at the time of development. Affordable housing partnerships have already been established as part of Countesswells Development, therefore demonstrating the success of
delivering affordable homes within the early phases of the new settlement. SMG seeks to build on these successfully established partnerships going forward to secure the delivery of future affordable homes as part of a sustainable housing mix across the land parcels associated with this bid.

Benefits To Community

The proposals provide significant benefits to the local community in the form of securing the long term and future growth of the Countesswells development, which will continue to provide a diverse range and mix of new housing, including affordable housing. Additionally, the proposed expansion will
provide open space, access to woodlands and connections to the excellent open space and parks strategy currently being delivered through the existing LDP allocation. Planning for future growth through additional housing, sends out a strong message to the community that continued investment is being made for the settlement. It is also likely to attract interest in the site from potential occupiers to service the existing Countesswells employment land allocation.

Site Location

10-03 Location

Integration with Kingswells

10-03 Context
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