Maidencraig Masterplan

Bancon Developments have prepared a draft development framework, and have recently discussed this with Aberdeenshire Council and with the Mastrick and Sheddocksley Community Council, with a view to beginning a more inclusive community consultation exercise. They will hold a public exhibition in on 29-30th March to present consult with the public and to gather views for inclusion in the Maidencraig Masterplan. Further information will be available nearer the time on their website.

The site promoted by Bancon at Maidencraig is allocated for a total of 750 houses (450 on site OP43, and 300 on site OP44 – see excerpt from the Local Development Plan below).

Maidencraig and Huxterstone Developments

The Purpose of the Maidencraig Masterplan

A masterplan serves a number of different purposes, but its primary function is to add sufficient detail to a concept for the development of a site to enable it to become a reality. The masterplan seeks to ensure that the development looks as good as it can, fits into the existing physical and social landscape in an appropriate manner, offers the best possible range of facilities to meet the needs of the existing and the proposed new communities, as well as ensuring the most effective use of, and improvements to local infrastructure. The masterplan will enable detailed planning work to commence on the phases of the site, whilst ensuring that everything continues to fit into the wider context.

The preperation of the Maidencraig masterplan offers an opportunity to involve the local community in the planning process, and will thereafter be adopted by the Council as supplementary planning guidance to the Local Development Plan. This will also include plans for the early phases of the site, which they intend to develop over the next three months, with input from our initial consultation exercise.

Thereafter, all planning applications for all, or parts of the development site can be assessed against the Local Development Plan and the masterplan. Should the applications conform with the masterplan, then the process will be simple, and development can commence quicker and more efficiently.


As part of this process, it is a statutory requirement to consult with the local community. It is also a stautory requirement to consult with the local community in advance of the submission of any ‘major’ planning application (e.g. more than 2 hectares, or 50 houses). To avoid unecessary confusion and repetition, Bancon intend to do the consultation exercise as a single process. They believe that this will provide the greatest clarity and opportunity for the local community to engage with us and ensure the best possible development is delivered for the area.


  1. No, no, no. We dont want people renting from a housing association…….. you never know what kind of people they’ll be. They mite not look after the place. They’re mite be on benefits, even from outside scotland….. more unwanted types. Believe me I’ve seen it happen before.

    1. All the development in the Local Development Plan is private with 25% affordable. This could be rented property through a housing association.

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