Mast Planning Application at Prime Four

Mast Planning Application

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Proposal Description:

Erection of 25m tall lattice tower to support 3 antenna, 3 Remote Radio Units (RRUs) and 2 x 300mm dia dish antenna. Plus provision of 3ground level cabinets all within 2.1m high palisade fence compound

Application type:

Detailed Planning Permission

Kingswells Community Council comments on the above application are as follows:

The application is retrospective as we currently have a temporary mast in place. KCC takes a dim view of this practice and hopes that the planning authority will consider the merits of this application as a fresh application. The authority must not be unduly influenced by the presence of the structure and any costs the developer may have already incurred. KCC is looking for the best solution and not necessarily the cheapest.

The area proposed for the new mast is within the ‘protection zone’ for the Prime Four development where the Masterplan for the area precludes development and limits the height of buildings at the edge of the exclusion zone to two storeys. KCC and the Kingswells community value the consumption dyke and the setting which Drum Group have tried to protect and enhance. This mast is as high as a six-storey building and has an unacceptable visual impact on the setting of the dyke. The proximity to the nearby pylons makes the visual impact more significant than either structure on its own. The combination focuses the eye and makes the structures more noticeable.

There is no background provided justifying the need for this mast. It has been said that the mast needs a clear line of sight to the telecoms mast on Brimmond Hill. We cannot see how height and positioning of the mast is necessary to achieve this. Do the buildings within Prime Four obstruct the line of sight between existing telecoms masts? If so, then Prime Four should bear the brunt of providing a solution to any telecoms issues and not the community of Kingswells.

The provision of a telecoms mast within an area designated as employment land is not an unreasonable request. However, the mast is at the edge of the Prime Four development and is located at the highest part of the site. The visual impact from outside the Prime Four site is unacceptable. There has been no attempt made to mitigate the visual impact of the mast. KCC requests that alternative locations within the Prime Four site are investigated where the full effect of the mast can be screened by buildings. Further scarring of the northern boundary of the Prime Four site is not acceptable to KCC or the Kingswells community. An alternative solution for the mast may be the provision of smaller masts (probably more than one) located on the high ground adjacent to the AWPR north of the Prime Four site. The high ground allows the masts to be smaller and the distance from the community minimises their visual impact.

KCC seeks to have the application rejected and asks that the applicant consults with KCC and the community to find a more acceptable solution to the telecoms issue.

Yours Faithfully

Ian Cox


Kingswells Community Council