Minutes of Kingswells Community Council for February 2012

Minutes of Kingswells Community Council Meeting

Date: Monday 13th February, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: BarrieBuchan (Chair)
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie,Ian Cox(Secretary), Ron Howie,Colleen Manson(Vice Chair),  John Gerrie,Meg Sands
Apologies: Councillor Wendy Stuart, Sam Stafrace, Tom Straiton, Stan McEwan
/ Observers:
Lord ProvostPeter Stephen
Steve Delaney candidate as future councillor
Representatives fromBucksburnAcademy
Police PC Ricky Burn



1 Introduction by Chair
2 Police Report
The Police report was distributed by email.
The police have recently had a high profile in and around Kingswells. They have educated some motorists, and prosecuted others. KCC thanked the police for their efforts in dealing with issues raised.
There was an issue with a dog nipping a resident, but the matter was not raised with the police.
3 Approval of the minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
4 Points from Member of the Public
  The representatives from BucksburnAcademyadvised KCC that they would host an Energy Conference on 27thMarch 7-9pm. Attendance is by invitation only.The contacts provided by KCC last month have been useful, and they will attend the conference. Representative fromAberdeenUniversitywill also attend.
5 Attendees and Apologies
As Above
6 Matters Arising (not covered below)
  The additional yellow lines at the top of the stairs of the Co-op car park are in hand. It is hoped that they will reduce the inconsiderate parking and will allow pedestrians access to the stairs.
  The signs for West 1 have been moved, but still have no planning permission.
7 Councillors
Steve provided a summary of the proposals for the Bancon Development at Maidencraig – near Dobbies. In summary:

  • KCC should be contacted around May time.
  • There will be a public exhibition
  • The development is for 750 family homes and flats
  • 25% affordable housing
  • 2 retail areas
  • A new primary school is not part of the plan.
  • School catchment areas will be north and south of the Lang Stracht.
Peter was advised that the school bus was always late. It is proposed to use 3 buses instead of 2.Stagecoach is considering a service through the village.The 14 service does not seem to have heating. The 40 is heated.
The school is planning a picnic for the Jubilee. Peter advised that the best place to do this to minimise costs would be at theDuthiePark. ACC will be arranging public events.
8 Planning
Residents near the West 1 housing have expressed concern re the number of changes between the plans submitted for the planning approval and the actual development. This includes changes to the design and the introduction of Velux windows. The planners have approved the changes.Building Control seems to be more interested with the implications of making the loft space of some of these homes a habitable space. They will conduct an inspection.
Prime Four development will have a public exhibition of the Hub and Phase 2 / 3. The event will be on 22nd February at the Fourmile. It will be in four sessions held throughout the day. The event will be advertised in theKingswells Community News, and will be presented on posters around the village and on the website.
9 Treasurer’s Report
  There was no expenditure during the past month.Accounts should be completed and audited for AGM in May.
The Newhills Road will be closed for repairs.
Travellers have moved into a site nearUnion Square.
Meg is to contact the Community Centre to find out what kind of projects they consider to be more appropriate than the hanging baskets.Barrieis to pass on contact details for Drum as a possible contributor for future projects.



Stewart Milne Group has looked into the ownership of land in the Wellside area and accept responsibility for the maintenance. Work has started maintaining the area.The responsibilities for the maintenance of the land along theBucksburnValleywill be verified in the near future. Colleen and Alex are to keep KCC advised of developments.




A local resident has been campaigning for improvement and signage for Core Path 33 from the Derbeth area towards Brimmond Hill.KCC is in agreement with the provision of signs when the path is suitable for use by the public. The upgrading of the paths should be in line with the wishes of the wider community. An article will be prepared for the newsletter to raise awareness.Post meeting note: The implications of the AWPR should be considered as it is likely to have a major impact on the access to Brimmond Hill from Kingswells.


11 Date of Next meeting:
Next meeting will be on 12th March 2012 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 21:50.



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