More Roadworks on A944 14 Dec, Jan and Feb 2013

PHASE 2 – Closure of Cults to Kingshill Road

There will also be a prohibition of certain manoeuvres at the Kingswells Roundabout in conjuction with the closure of the C128C Cults-Kingshill, from 18:30 on Friday evenings until 06:00 on Monday mornings of the weekends beginning 14 December, 2012, 18 January, 2013, 25 January, 2013, 1 February, 2013, 8 February, 2013, 15 February, 2013, and 22 February, 2013.

Traffic coming from Kingswells will be permitted to turn left only. Traffic wishing to travel to Westhill will be diverted via the Green Hedges Roundabout at the junction of the A944/B9119.

Traffic wishing to access the C89C Chapel of Stoneywood-Fairley Road will be diverted via the Westhill Roundabout.

Traffic coming from Westhill will be permitted to turn left or go straight ahead only.