Next steps in Grove Nursery waste and recycling centre project presented to councillors

A new household waste and recycling centre planned for part of the former Grove Nursery site in Hazlehead will lead to an estimated £150,000 reduction in landfill tax charges in 2013/14, a city council committee heard today [15 February].

The council’s waste management team outlined the next steps in the project in a report presented to the Zero Waste Management Sub-committee.

It was also revealed that the new centre will achieve an estimated recycling rate of more than 70% in comparison to the existing city average of 41%.

SITA UK submitted the planning application for the centre at the end of August last year. The proposal was the subject to a public hearing as it presented a departure from the development plan, related to land within council ownership and attracted more than 20 letters of objection. Councillors on the Development Management Sub-committee approved the plans by eight votes to three in January [2012].

The centre will be built on a three-acre plot in the north-west corner of the Grove Nursery site, which was previously used to store composted green waste.

The next steps will be to address planning requirements, which includes the preparation of a noise mitigation plan, installation of a zebra crossing on Hazlehead Avenue and restoration of a dry stone wall along the western boundary of the site.

The report also states that SITA is working to finalise the engineering and design plans for the site to ensure they comply with planning conditions.

Negotiations will also take place between SITA and Aberdeen City Council to vary the existing Waste Management Services Contract to cover development of the site and its subsequent operation.

SITA must also be granted a Waste Management Licence for the site before it becomes operational. This licence will impose requirements on SITA to prevent odour, vermin and litter release.

Throughout the design and build process, the council and SITA will continue to engage with the community liaison group, comprising local community groups and schools, to minimise the impact of the site on local amenity.

It is anticipated that the centre will open to the public in spring 2013.

Aberdeen City Council Waste and Recycling Manager Peter Lawrence said: “The provision of this additional waste and recycling centre in Aberdeen will significantly improve services for the management of bulky and recyclable waste in the city.”

Zero Waste Management Sub-committee Convener, Councillor Aileen Malone said: “There has been a long-standing need to provide suitable facilities for residents in the west of the city and to ease traffic at existing sites. Not only will this facility achieve that but it will also reduce the adverse impacts associated with sending rubbish to landfill, which is simply not a sustainable activity.”