One household, one waste bin

One household, one waste bin

Extra household waste bins will no longer be collected after 1 October 2016 – unless they are authorised – as part of a campaign to encourage residents to recycle and reduce waste.

Aberdeen City Council’s standard service is to collect one waste bin per household each fortnight, except in certain circumstances where an additional bin has been authorised.

The City Council wants to help encourage householders to recycle and reduce waste as much as possible and reduce the number of extra bins that are being used.

Aberdeen City Council Communities, Housing and Infrastructure vice convener Councillor Jean Morrison said: “We currently recycle about 38% of household waste in Aberdeen, but we all need to do more and reduce the amount of waste produced as it’s better for our environment and our communities.

We’re trying to get people more in the way of recycling and reducing their waste now so when the larger recycling bins start in March, they are in the habit of doing it already.

Most households manage with one bin per fortnight if they are recycling their waste and we’d encourage people to recycle as much as possible using their kerbside box and bag, their brown bin for food and garden waste, recycling points and Household Waste Recycling Centres.”

After 1 October 2016, extra waste household bins may be removed if they continue to be presented for collection.

In March 2017, the existing 240litre general waste bin will become a mixed recycling bin which will collect everything that goes in the current black box and white bag. Householders will be able to add additional materials into the mixed recycling bin including cartons, plastic pots, trays and tubs. A new smaller 180litre general waste bin will be delivered to households at this time.

Residents’ existing food caddies and garden waste brown bins will remain although collection days may change, and full details of these changes will emerge nearer the time.

Residents can find out more information about the ‘One Household, One Waste Bin’ campaign from the website, call 03000-200-292 or email

They can also find out to find out if they qualify for an extra waste bin, to contact the City Council to uplift any extra household waste bins, and also how to get more recycling boxes or food waste caddies or liners.