Parking at Foresterhill Health Campus

NHS Grampian is planning to change the arrangements for car parking at the Foresterhill Health Campus. This newsletter is about what NHS Grampian are doing and what it will mean for you when you come to the site as a patient, or as a visitor.


Providing enough parking at Foresterhill Health Campus has always been challenging. It is estimated that 9,000 people try to access the site by car everyday, but we only have approximately 2,000 parking spaces. We are very aware of the negative effect trying to find a space can have, and we have been working on options to address parking. We want to improve the experience of patients and visitors coming to the site. Therefore in August 2011, the Grampian NHS Board approved a plan to reorganise parking. This is planned to be introduced in spring 2012.

What are the new arrangements?

  • People arriving for out-patient (patients who do not stay overnight) appointments will be able to access the core site. Parking will be available at a number of locations with the aim of giving convenient access to particular clinics.
  • Due to the pressure on car parking we would ask anyone arriving as an in- patient (one or more nights stay at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital or Aberdeen Maternity Hospital) NOT to bring their car.
  • A new permit system is being introduced for Foresterhill Health Campus staff.
  • Visitors will still be asked to use the main car park to the west of the site. Barriers will be reintroduced at the main entrance and exit points and these barriers will be staffed.
  • Blue Badge holders will be able to access priority spaces as before.

We want to ensure that the people who really need to park here can.

Will I have to pay to park at Foresterhill Health Campus?

No. Current Scottish Government policy does not allow parking charges.

Will the new arrangements be in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

No. The new arrangements will only apply Monday-Friday, 7.30am-5pm. Patients or visitors coming to the Foresterhill Health Campus at evenings or weekends will be able to park in any clearly marked parking space on the core site and in the visitors parking area.

Why not just develop more spaces or build a multi-storey car park?

The Grampian NHS Board has not ruled out developing more spaces. They have decided to see what difference these changes will make before taking further action.

When we discussed this with the public, feedback was that parking close to the departments that patients need access to was preferable to a multi-storey car park. Changes to how funding is allocated means we will not have access to the amount of money required to build such a facility. We also have no extra revenue to run and maintain a multi- storey car park.

Are these changes being brought in at all NHS Grampian hospitals?

No. These changes only affect hospitals and clinics on the Foresterhill Health Campus. If you attend a clinic at, for example, Woodend Hospital the parking

Can I park on the street, for example Ashgrove Road West or Westburn Road?

Yes. On-street parking surrounding the Foresterhill Health Campus remains under the control of Aberdeen City Council and their rates will be shown at ticketing machines.

What will happen to motorists who do not follow the new rules?

Anyone who parks inappropriately, for example on a grass verge or across an ambulance bay, will receive a parking fine (known as a civil parking remedy). There is an appeals process if anyone feels they have been unfairly penalised. Details can be found on the ticket.arrangements remain the same.

We are very grateful to everyone who parks responsibly, showing due consideration to other motorists and pedestrians.

Are there any exceptions to these changes on the Foresterhill Health Campus?

Yes. Some parking spaces are managed by the University of Aberdeen and they will continue to make their own arrangements. Parking arrangements at the Blood Transfusion Service and the David Anderson Building (G-MED – out- of-hours service) will remain the same.

Am I guaranteed a space if I bring my car to Foresterhill?

No. Spaces will remain a limited resource and we cannot guarantee a space for anyone. We would still encourage everyone coming to the site during the working day to look at alternatives – public transport, getting a lift, walking or cycling. More details of public transport links will be given in the next edition of the newsletter.

Next Steps

We will continue to provide updates. Our next newsletter will have a map with more detail about where you will be able to park and information on when the new arrangements will start.

Further questions?

Please e-mail:

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Car Parking Communications Group, c/o Room 15, Ashgrove House, Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB25 2ZA

This newsletter is also available in large print, other formats and other languages, on request. Please contact NHS Grampian’s Corporate Communications Department on 01224 551116 for a copy.

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