Planning Permission in Principle, Site at Maidencraig, North and South of the A944

Please find below Kingswells Community Council’s response to the following Planning Application “ 30265 Planning Permission in Principle, Site at Maidencraig, North and South of the A944, LDP Sites OP43 & 44, Aberdeen. Mixed use development incorporating residential, commercial uses, community facilitates, landscaping and associated infrastructure”

Kingswells Community Council, as statutory consultees, have studied this application and decided that making any comment on it is futile within a flawed planning system in Aberdeen City which makes a mockery of those who participate in the process.  The failings of the system are described by, but not limited to, the following:

  • planners can disregard or distort their own good planning guidance at a whim, making the whole system inconsistent and unpredictable;
  • carefully-considered points from community councilors who have local knowledge of the area are consistently marginalized and disregarded;
  • individual planning applications should be considered on planning merits – not unswervingly approved on the grounds of purely economic benefits;
  • site visits should always be actively encouraged for potentially contentious applications so that those who have local knowledge can share it with those who make the planning decisions.

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    1. Kingswells extents from Westhill to Sheddocksley and between the A944 and the Bucksburn boundary.

      See map Kingswells

      1. Just re-draw a red line around the village & priorities the main issues.
        Who actually gives a stuff about Bucksburn, Hazelehead, Sheddocksley or even Westhills?

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