Police Message January 2012

There have been a couple of thefts recently from properties in Kingswells (Whiterashes, Course Wynd, ClovaPark and in that general area) where the owners had not either locked their houses or failed to secure their property etc. We have circulated this in the past however I feel we still haven’t got the message through to all of the residents as yet.

Can I ask you to circulate another message to all your community contacts to ensure we again spread the message to lock it or lose it? Some of the residents are giving the thieves an easy time of it and I am keen for the thieves to not target Kingswells as ‘easy pickings’
I am planning to ask the city wardens to assist us in another leaflet drop to the affected areas however, the best way to deal with this is prevention.
Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Colin Feeley