Kingswells bus service

Preparation for Consultation on Kingswells Bus Service

Preparation for Consultation on Kingswells Bus Service

ACC plan to hold a consultation on Kingswells bus service in the near future, and further information on that will be posted here when arrangements have been finalised.

In preparation for the consultation it would be useful to identify possible solutions to the problems that may face First, or another bus operator when they try to provide a service around Kingswells. The online petition has been a great tool to identify some of the issues that will be created if the service is stopped, but in order to continue the service changes will be required to make the service more cost effective.

KCC have created a questionnaire that tries to gauge the level of use and to find out what changes would be required to encourage more use of the bus service, but that is only part of the answer. We also need to think about what changes would be required and to assess the impact these would have on the whole community. We would like to identify possible solutions and then to debate what the impact of the various measures would have on the community.

To start the debate KCC have some suggestions, and we welcome others. Please let us know what you feel about any suggestion and we can debate the pros and cons.

Some suggestions:

  • the bus service needs to go round the village, but with the X17 and X18 does it need to go to the Park & Ride? Could it be cut down to once, or cut out all together?
  • The route needs to be faster to make it attractive to more people. This could be done by:
    • install devices in the buses to activate the traffic lights at the P&R and at the end of Lang Stracht.
    • Reduce the number of pick up points. Which stops could be removed?
    • Change the route to cut out Rosemount – time to cross the junction is excessive. What alternatives are available?
    • Are there any other route changes required?
  • If the route returns to a normal service (not a restricted stop service) is there merit in extending the 23 to Sheddocksley, or the 11 to Woodend. What are the issues?
  • Introduce alternative types of service
    • Dial a bus
    • A bus that circles around Kingswells transferring passengers to the X17 or X18 at the P&R.
  • Removal of the access to ARI was not well received. How can this be re-introduced and still make the journey time shorter at peak times?

Please use our online forum to add your views, comment on the suggestions or make your own suggestions. Initially we will accept comments from ‘guest’ users, but if this is abused then we will need to switch to asking you to login to add to the forum. To create a user account you just need a user name and email address. If you have problems please email