Press Release to Evening Express 29th March

Please find below Kingswells Community Council’s press release statement ….

“Kingswells Community Council supported the idea of a quality hotel within the Prime 4 business park as it could help to provide much-needed leisure, health and fitness facilities for the area.  However, we objected to the hotel’s very prominent position, height and appearance.  We feel strongly that Aberdeen City Council has broken its own planning rules for Prime 4 which state clearly that “Buildings must be set within the landscape and be sympathetic to the rural setting, and be of high-quality design.

A better location could have been identified if there had been a site visit, but the request for this was turned down. KCC is astounded that these decisions are being made without visiting the site to determine first-hand the visual impact. We are very disappointed by the Council’s decision to approve the hotel in the way it was presented.  However, we are now very accustomed to being ignored by the city’s Planning Department and are not surprised by the decision.”

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