Proposed 3 No Fast Food Outlets at the Vet on A944

Proposed 3 No Fast Food Outlets
at the Vet on A944

Planning Application 181336/DPP is for Erection of three units with drive-thru facilities class 3 (food and drink) at the Land Adjacent To Veterinary Hospital Kingswells Aberdeen

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Kingswells Community Council (KCC) have reviewed the documentation submitted with the above planning application and have the following concerns about the proposed development.

Existing Development

KCC has worked with Prime Four to produce a high-class business park. As part of the discussions for the Prime Four masterplan we were given assurances that fast food outlets would not be appropriate for this development. Consequently, we question the suitability of this proposal. Any development in this area should comply with the vision laid out in the Prime Four Masterplan.

Site Access

The only access to the development is a left in left out access from the A944. There is no direct access from within the Prime Four development.

The applicant has shown that the Prime Four development is within 400 – 1,300m walk of the development. Given that one of the primary objectives is to serve the Prime 4 site at lunch times, it is unlikely that many of these customers would walk due to excessive round-trip journey times.

Access by car from Prime Four is complicated by the necessity to go via the AWPR roundabout. An additional access point from within Prime Four should be provided to integrate the development into the overall Prime Four development.

For other patrons the access to the site may be compromised if the Kingswells roundabout were to be changed to a signal-controlled junction as part of the changes required by the Countesswells Development.

The Transport Assessment shows a potential, up to, 469 vehicles accessing this junction per hour. That is almost 8 vehicles per minute. This represents a significant increase over the existing situation.

The access has a deceleration lane but no acceleration lane. KCC question the safety of this arrangement. However, we would object to the removal of the trees in front of the vet to facilitate an acceleration lane if that was required. Consequently, if it is deemed necessary to provide an acceleration lane for the junction to operate safely the junction should be offset to the west. If this is not possible we would conclude that the junction design is not suitable for this location.

Foot Traffic

One of the primary objectives for this development is to provide facilities for people attending football matches and other activities at the Kingsford Stadium. One of the concerns raised for the Stadium application was the danger to large numbers of football fans walking along the A944 from Kingswells Park and Ride to the stadium. The provision of a ‘go to’ destination along this route will attract more footfall and will increase the danger to football fans.

The Stadium application was approved assuming the use of shuttle buses between the stadium and the Park and Ride. Approval of this application will encourage fans to walk along the A944 to the development site. This could have major implications to the safety of football fans, as there is no provision in the stadium application to stop fans spilling onto the A944.

Access to the Vet

Reconfiguration of the junction and the removal of the right turn into the Veterinary Hospital will increase journey times. This will be most evident when there is an emergency at peak times with traffic queueing along the A944. Any delays could have major impact on animal health and wellbeing.

At other times when the access to the proposed development site is busiest the access to the Vet will be compromised.


Although KCC can see the merits of providing fast-food facilities for Prime Four personnel and patrons of Kingsford Stadium the proposed application

  • does not provide adequate access from Prime Four
  • should be integrated with the Prime Four development
  • does not fulfil the vision for development set out in the Prime Four masterplan
  • raises concerns with the proposed junction with the A944
  • raises safety concerns for football fans who are encouraged to walk along the A944
  • access to the Vet will be compromised, and in emergency situations could have a detrimental impact on animal health.
  • Overall it is not considered suitable for this location.