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Proposed Kingsford Stadium Consultation Document Proposals

Proposed Kingsford Stadium Consultation Document Proposals

The Proposed Kingsford Stadium Consultation Materials are available on the AFC website and have been kindly provided by Aberdeen Football Club.

It is important for as many people as possible to make comment on the proposals and for important points to be made by as many people as possible so that they are reinforced and will be more difficult for AFC to ignore.

Kingswells Community Council encourage you to pass on your comments to AFC, but also to share your views with others on our Forum. We encourage discussion and debate. Each of the attachments is included in a Forum topic to facilitate the sharing of views.

Please be respectful of other people's views.




AFC would like to hear your feedback and comments to help us in the future stages of the planning process.

Please click here to download the questionnaire form.

Comments can be returned to the Comments Box at any consultation event, by email to:, or by post to Aberdeen Football Club plc, Pittodrie Stadium, Pittodrie Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5QH by 26th August 2016.


Please use the following links to the KCC Forum to make comment on each of the following documents