Stadium: Provision of car parking

Provision of car parking

The provision of car parking for the development includes:

  • 1,600 on-site spaces
  • 600 off-site parking spaces at Arnhall Business Park. Access to the stadium is by foot.
  • Additional off-site provision will utilise the various Park & Ride facilities around the City and Shire. There will be a transfer to the stadium using shuttle buses.

The use of the 600 spaces is not under the control of AFC, and the long-term sustainability of this use must be questioned. Consequently, the implications for rogue parking in Kingswells and Westhill will be worse than predicted.  Anyone using these facilities must cross the busy A944 and walk along the dual carriageway to reach the stadium. There are associated safety implications and delays on the A944.

Overall the development includes 867 parking spaces more than allowed by ACC’s parking standards (i.e. a 65% over provision). Any reduction of on-site or off-site parking that is accounted for by the TA will place additional burdens on other local resources and ultimately on Kingswells and Westhill residents. The TA should accurately account for how car parking will be accommodated and ensure that there are sufficient shuttle buses to allow fans to safely access the proposed stadium.

The TA should incorporate some contingency to account for inaccuracies in the assumptions made. This TA does not do this, and the plan is near breaking point. Any increase on the need for shuttle buses would break the current plan.

Parking restrictions will be imposed on an area within reasonable walking distance of the stadium. This will include twelve car parks for local shopping and other community uses. These car parks are already extremely busy, and it will be impossible to exclude the use by fans. The cost of management of these resources should fall on AFC.

Extensive car parking is planned for any retail at Prime Four. Unlike office car parking, it is not feasible to prevent rogue parking, and any fan using this facility would have to walk along the busy A944, and would be subject to associated safety implications. There is no provision in the application to make walking along the A944 safe. KCC would object to any improvement to walking routes that involved further loss of trees.

Residents within the parking restriction area will have a permit system imposed, which would be highly inconvenient. Residents on the boundary of the parking restriction area will be hugely inconvenienced by fans parking in their streets.

The streets adjacent to any of the Park & Ride facilities earmarked for use may provide an attractive alternative to the carparks if they offer a quicker exit. Fans parking in these streets will have easy access to the proposed shuttle buses. This use is not accounted for in the TA, and the number of shuttle buses required will be under estimated.

The parking restriction area also includes various car parks based in the Arnhall Industrial Site. The cost of policing and securing these sites will be the responsibility of local businesses. There are likely to be other costs to business and local authorities that result from the provision of the stadium.

Conclusion: There will be a need for additional shuttle buses to serve rogue parking not identified in the TA. There is no provision by AFC to make walking along the A944 safe. Clearly, AFC expect local people to put up with any inconvenience resulting from having the stadium, and for businesses and councils to bear the cost of providing adequate mitigation.


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