Response To Proposal for Retail Park at Prime Four

Response To Proposal for Retail Park at Prime Four

Kingswells Community Council (KCC) has considered the proposals laid out in the pdf files provided on 6th September and make the following response to proposal for Retail Park at Prime Four.

The land included in the proposals is identified in the Aberdeen Local Development Plan as an area for office development and this concept has been accepted by KCC and the local community. The proposal to re designate the area for a retail park goes against the guidance provided by ACC to avoid further out-of-town development like the one proposed.

Drum Group has recently applied for an extension to the Prime Four development (OP63). This was not accepted by KCC or the community, but if approved it would presumably be because there is a need for more development like that provided within the existing Prime Four site. If the original Phase 4 site (the site now proposed for retail development) can no longer be justified for office developments in the current economic climate then there is certainly no justification for OP63. The original Phase 4 (now called Phase 5) should be used for the development needed in OP63, and OP63 should be removed from the Local Development Plan.

Kingswells and the surrounding area is well served by nearby supermarkets in Westhill and Lang Stracht and there is no need for the provision of another large supermarket.

The original Phase 4 site is low-lying and is more suitable for office development than OP63. Proposals to put a 2-storey retail development in a low-lying area and a 4 or 5 storey development on higher ground is counter intuitive.

Kingswells is disappointed that there is nothing of substance to consult on. There is no indication of what the retail development could look like, or what kind of service providers would be considered suitable. Will it be McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets, or something else? There is no indication of layout.

Kingswells Community Council do not approve of the type of development proposed for the site.


Ian Cox
Kingswells Community Council